NDA Cut-Off mark For 76 Regular course of 2024/25 Academic Session

Do you know you can enroll for the 2024/25 Academic session, which is a 76 regular course of Nigeria Defence Academy, popularly known as NDA, with a 180 jamb cut-off and 210 for any of their Engineering courses?

What is the NDA cut-off mark for this 76 regular course, which will serve as the 2024/25 academic session? Continue reading as this piece will explore the courses offered at the NDA and provide information on the required cut-off marks.


NDA Cut-Off mark

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The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) is the premier military institution in Nigeria and West Africa at large, offering a range of courses to prepare young men and women aspiring to join the Nigerian Army, Navy, or Air Force as regular combatant officers.


Aspiring cadets must meet specific cut-off marks to gain admission into the academy.

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Structure of Nigeria Defence Academy Course

NDA is grouped into two structure, which is military course and academic course

Military Course

The Nigeria Defence Academy provides a comprehensive array of military training programs designed to mold cadets into capable and disciplined officers. These courses are divided into two main categories:

  1. Regular Combatant Course (RC): This is the primary course for those aspiring to join the Nigerian Army, Air Force, or Navy as regular combatant officers. The RC program equips cadets with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values for effective military service.
  2. Short Service Combatant Course (SSC): The SSC program is designed for individuals who already possess a bachelor’s degree and wish to join the Nigerian Armed Forces as officers. This course is shorter in duration compared to the RC program.

2. Academic Course

Nigerian Defence Academy provides a standard curriculum education program as seen in other universities in the country, which is a three or four-year course, depending on your field of study, and 1 year of military regiment training

Faculties at the Nigeria Defence Academy

Five faculties make up the academic arena of the Nigeria Defence Academy, which are

  1. Faculty of Military Science
  2. Faculty of science
  3. Faculty of Art and Social Science
  4. Faculty of Management Science
  5. Faculty of Engineering

NDA Cut-Off Mark by Department Under each Faculty

NDA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Military Science

Faculty of Military Science: Established in response to the rapidly shifting defense restrictions and new security challenges of the digital age, from military engagement to national development. There are three departments under this faculty.

1 Computer science 180
2 Cyber Security 180
3 Intelligence And Security Studies 180

NDA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Science

1 Biotechnology 180
2 Biological Science 180
3 Mathematics 180
4 Physis 180
5 chemistry 180

NDA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Art and Social Science

1 Defence And Security Studies 180
2 Geography 180
3 History And War Studies 180
4 Language 180
5 Political Science 180
6 Psychology 180

NDA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Management Science

1 Accounting 180
2 Economics 180
3 Management 180
4 Logistics and Supply Chain 180
5 Management Science 180

NDA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Engineering

1 Civil Engineering 210
2 Electrical And Electronic Engineering 210
3 Mechanical Engineering 210
4 Mechatronic Engineering 210

Aspirant Eligibility to Nigeria Defence Academy

Following the announcement of the commencement of the registration exercise of the NDA 76 regular course. These are specific requirements an aspirant needs to know

  1. Must be medically and physically fit
  2. Must have good moral character
  3. Must be of Nigeria indigene and present their citizenship
  4. Must not be more than 24 years of age by August 2024
  5. Possess a minimum of five credit units in level in two sit, which must include Mathematics and English
  6. Candidate must meet up with UTME national cut-off marks
  7. Candidates must have the minimum height requirement of 1.65 meter for women and 1.68 meters for men


Nigeria Defence Academy does not accept awaiting results, and only an O’ level at most five years of registration is acceptable.

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The Nigeria Defence Academy is the gateway to a prestigious career in the Nigerian military. Aspiring cadets must be well-prepared and meet the required cut-off marks of 180 or 210 specifically for Engineering course(s) to be considered for admission. Meeting the minimum JAMB score approved by the authority of the NDA is essential for the selection process. Other factors determining a candidate’s eligibility for admission considered are medical and physical fitness, aptitude tests, and interviews.

Frequently Ask Questions On NDA Cut-Off mark

Can I study medicine in NDA?

NO! Nigeria defence academy does not offer medicine and surgery. Although, they used to sponsor candidates to medical school in other universities on rare occasions. In most cases, medical doctors are often enlisted through a Short-service combatant.

Which course is the best in NDA?

Every course is the best at Nigeria Defence Academy; choose your field of interest and enjoy your studies as NDA has witnessed a decade of uninterrupted academy calendar and produced brilliant and disciplined officers.

Can I apply for an NDA without a jamb?

NO! Aspirants without jamb registration or those who don’t meet up with NDA cut-off marks will not be allowed to submit their applications online.



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