FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for 2023/24 Academic Session


What is the FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for the 2023/24 Academic session? The cut-off mark for the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) is 150 and above in the UTME Score in the 2023 examination conducted by Jamb.

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark

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Federal University of Technology Minna, also known as FUTMINNA, is a renowned institution in Nigeria, known for its commitment to providing quality education in various fields of science and technology.

One essential way to secure admission to this prestigious university is to meet the required cut-off marks.

What is a cut-off mark?

The cut-off mark is the lease score that educational institutions establish as a requirement for enrollment in different courses. These grades are frequently designated by considering variables like the number of applications, open spots, and candidates’ general performance in pertinent exams.

Factors Influencing FUTMINNA Cut-Off Mark

  1. Number of Applicants: The cut-off mark may be adjusted based on the volume of applications received for a particular program. Higher demand may lead to a more competitive cut-off mark.
  2. Program Specifics: At FUTMINNA, different programs have different cut-off marks, reflecting the varying levels of competitiveness among disciplines.
  3. UTME Scores: The performance of candidates in the UTME plays a significant role in determining cut-off marks. Higher average UTME scores may lead to a higher cut-off mark.
  4. Post-UTME Screening: FUTMINNA often conducts a post-UTME screening exercise, and the results contribute to the overall assessment of candidates.


Scoring above the prescribed cut-off mark is a significant step but does not guarantee admission. FUTMINNA, like many universities, often considers other factors such as post-UTME screening, O’Level results, and possibly pre-admission tests or interviews.

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FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark by Facilities

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Agriculture

Department JAMB Score
Agriculture 150
Food Science and Technology 160
Water Resources, Aquaculture & Fisheries Technology 150

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Engineering

Department JAMB Score
Computer Engineering 180
Electrical/Electronic Engineering 170
Mechatronics Engineering 170
Telecommunication Engineering 160
Agriculture and Bio Resources Engineering 160
Chemical Engineering 170
Civil Engineering 170
Material and Metallurgical Engineering 160
Mechanical Engineering 170
Petroleum and Gas Engineering 170

FUTMINNA Cut-Off for mark Faculty of Environment Studies

Department JAMB Score
Architecture 200
Building 150
Estate Management & Valuation 150
Quantity Surveying 160
Surveying and Geo-informatics 150
Urban and Regional Planning 150

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Physical Science

Department JAMB Score
Computer Science 180
Mathematics 150
Statistics 150
Cyber Security Science 180
Information Technology 170
Information Science and Media Studies 150
Entrepreneurship 150
Logistics and Transport Management 150
Project Management Technology 150

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Medical Science

Department JAMB Score
Animal Biology 150
Biochemistry 170
Microbiology 170
Plant Biology 150
Applied Geophysics 150
Chemistry 150
Geography 150
Geology 150
Physics 150

FUTMINNA Cut-Off mark for Faculty of Education

Department JAMB Score
Educational Technology 150
Industrial and Technology Education 150
Library and Information Science 150
Science Education 150

Importance of FUTMINNA Cut-Off Mark

  1. Fair Selection: Cut-off marks help ensure a fair and transparent selection process, allowing the university to admit candidates based on merit.
  2. Resource Management: FUTMINNA can effectively manage its resources as it establishes cut-off marks, guaranteeing that the number of admitted students corresponds with the available faculty and facilities.
  3. Quality Assurance: Ensuring admitted students have the requisite academic skills for their selected programs and maintaining specified cut-off marks contributes to keeping the university’s academic standards.

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The FUTMINNA cut-off mark is crucial for prospective students. It provides insight into the academic standards expected by the university and allows applicants to prepare accordingly. Aspiring students should not only focus on meeting the 150 cut-off mark but also strive for excellence in all aspects of the admission process to increase their chances of securing a spot at this esteemed institution.

Frequently Asked Questions on FUTMINNA Cut-Off marks.

What is the cut-off mark for computer engineering in Futminna?

The cut-off mark for Computer Engineering at Futminna for the 2023/24 Academic Session is a 180 score in UTME. Please note that there is a post-UTME cut-off at the departmental level.

What are the courses offered in Futminna?

Although Futminna is known as a science and technology school, it also offers some education courses. Check for courses offered at Futminna here.



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