FSV UK Scholar Program at Charles University For 2024

The FSV UK Scholar Program is directly offered and managed by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, with funding provided by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The primary objective of this prestigious scholarship program is to assist students who find themselves in challenging financial circumstances by covering their living expenses.

Charles University, situated in Prague, Czech Republic, is one of Europe’s oldest and most sought-after universities. Created in 1348 by King Charles IV, it is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating universities.


The prestigious university aims to foster higher education and intellectual growth, promoting knowledge and critical thinking. It has excelled in scientific research, the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Throughout its extensive history, Charles University has played a pivotal role in shaping European academia and has been a center for intellectual and cultural advancements.

Detailed Description of FSV UK Scholar Program


The FSV UK Scholar Program is structured as a one-time lump-sum payment of approximately CZK 75,000 (equivalent to around EUR 3,000). It is granted to selected students to cover their essential living expenses.

It is important to note that the scholarship does not include a tuition fee waiver; its sole purpose is to provide financial support for the costs associated with daily living. Additionally, awardees are not required to give an account of how they utilize the cost-of-living allowance.

The scholarship is awarded for one year, and awardees must reapply in subsequent years. If the reasons for the initial scholarship award remain valid and sufficient funds are available, the evaluation committee will prioritize these students in the selection process.

The application submitted in the current academic year remains valid for scholarship consideration in the following academic year. This streamlines the process for students, allowing them to utilize the same application for future scholarship opportunities.

Students Eligible For FSV UK Scholar Program

The scholarship is open to students enrolled in any of the Faculty’s fee-based study programs during the initial stages of their academic journey.

Specifically, it is available for students in the first three years of Bachelor’s programs or the first two years of Master’s programs.

As a result, current students in their first or second year of Bachelor’s studies, first-year Master’s students, and new applicants to any of the fee-based programs are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

This eligibility criterion ensures that existing and prospective students in the early stages of their fee-based study programs can avail themselves of the scholarship opportunity.

The scholarship, which encompasses a broad range of students, aims to support individuals at different stages of their academic pursuits within the Faculty’s fee-based programs.

Financial Terms and Conditions for FSV UK Scholar Program

• To be eligible for the FSV UK Scholar Program, students must ensure that all outstanding tuition fee debts from previous academic years are fully settled.

• The FSV UK Scholar Program administration will take place only after the awarded student has paid the Winter semester’s tuition fee.

• No funds will be disbursed in advance for new students who are accepted into the program if there is a delay in obtaining a visa and the student has not yet arrived in Prague.

• It is essential to note that the scholarship will not be offered for the third year of Master’s degree study or the fourth year of Bachelor’s degree study under any circumstances.

Selection Process for FSV UK Scholar Program

The Scholarship Review Board is responsible for evaluating all complete and eligible scholarship applications submitted by the specified deadline.

After the assessment process, the board will recommend selected students as potential FSV UK Scholar Program recipients to the Dean of the Faculty, who will make the final decision.

It is important to note that the Scholarship Review Board’s decision is independent of the Admission Committee’s decision. However, only students whom the Faculty has officially admitted are eligible to be considered for the FSV UK Scholar Program.

The Scholarship Review Board will consider various factors during the evaluation process, in addition to the documents submitted by interested students.

Ultimately, the Dean of the Faculty makes the final decision regarding the students who will be offered scholarships. Note that the Dean will only correspond with successful applicants regarding the decision.

Application Deadline and Process for FSV UK Scholar Program

The FSV UK Scholar Program closes on April 30, 2024. Interested students must submit their applications and required documents through the link below before then.

Application link:

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The FSV UK Scholar Program is one of the outstanding scholarships offered to international students at Charles University. It’s designed to mitigate the financial burden of exceptional overseas students who want to study at a renowned university.



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