2024 Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

The esteemed Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards serve as a testament to the University of Auckland’s commitment to nurturing and fostering talent in the legal field.

Auckland appreciates the outstanding achievements of students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic pursuits, research contributions, and overall dedication to the field of law with these scholarships.

Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards provide well-deserved recognition and support to deserving students, encouraging them to continue their pursuit of legal knowledge and contribute to advancing the legal profession.

These prestigious awards are highly regarded within the legal community, providing students with a platform to showcase their exceptional skills and abilities.

By recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, Auckland Law School motivates students to strive for educational and professional greatness in their legal careers.

This blog will review the benefits, eligibility criteria, application guidelines, and supporting documents for the prestigious scholarship awards.

The University of Auckland, founded in 1883, is New Zealand’s most prominent and highest-ranked university. It began as Auckland College and later gained autonomy, becoming the University of Auckland in 1908.

The university expanded its academic offerings over time and established faculties in various disciplines. Today, it is known for its research excellence and diverse range of programs.

Over the years, Auckland has maintained a strong reputation and attracted students worldwide. It has forged partnerships with industry and government agencies, fostering collaborations that drive innovation and address societal challenges.

Description of Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

• Scholarship host university: University of Auckland

• Scholarship host country: New Zealand

• Scholarship degree type: Master’s degree


• Scholarship worth: NZ$10,000

• Scholarship number: Five (5)

• Eligible applicants: International students


• Application deadline: 30 June 2024

Benefits of Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

The Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards offer selected applicants numerous perks, but the chief one is the NZ$10,000 offered toward tuition fees.

Eligibility Conditions for Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

• International students can apply for these awards.

• Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree.

• Applicants must meet the age requirement.

• Applicants must satisfy the English language proficiency criteria.

• Applicants must have received an offer to study for a Master’s in Auckland.

• Applicants must meet all the eligibility conditions.

Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards Selection Process

The Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards selection process is rigorous and highly competitive. A panel of esteemed faculty members and legal professionals carefully reviews and assesses each student’s application considering the following:

• Academic performance

• Research contributions

• Leadership potential

• Ability to make a positive impact on the legal profession.

Support Documents for Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

• Copies of official university transcripts, including the grades of all courses completed

• A current CV

• A cover letter

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Application Procedures for Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards

Students who want to study at the University of Auckland with these awards are advised to visit the below link to learn about the application guidelines.

Application link:


The Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards exemplify the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence in legal education. These awards provide deserving students with financial support, recognition, and access to invaluable networks, propelling them toward successful careers in the legal profession.



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