Seattle University Scholarships 2024

Seattle University scholarships help international students contribute to the vibrant campus community and pursue their academic goals.

Seattle University, a prominent school renowned for its dedication to academic achievement, offers various scholarships to assist international students who are succeeding in their studies in 2024.

This essay will evaluate the role of Seattle University Scholarships in facilitating overseas students’ successful academic careers.


Seattle University, founded in 1891 by the Society of Jesus, has a long history of dedication to academic excellence, social justice, and compassionate service. It is well-known for its robust academic offerings, cutting-edge research, and emphasis on community involvement.

Specifics of the 2024 Seattle University Scholarships 

Scholarship institution: Seattle University


Scholarship host country: USA

Scholarship study level: Undergraduate

Scholarship number: Numerous

Eligible students: International students

Application deadline: Not stated

Seattle University Scholarships List 

1. International Student Merit Scholarships

Outstanding international students with remarkable academic accomplishments are given Seattle University’s International Student Merit Scholarships.

Thanks to these scholarships, which offer partial tuition waivers, talented people from all over the world can now more easily attend Seattle University.

2. Global Engagement Scholarships

Seattle University’s Global Engagement Scholarships honor and assist international students who have shown dedication to global concerns and cross-cultural dialogue.

These scholarships provide financial support, enabling recipients to participate in worthwhile activities and give back to Seattle University’s inclusive and varied community.

3. Albers School of Business and Economics Scholarships

Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics exclusively offers scholarships to international students enrolled in business programs. These awards honor outstanding academic performance, the ability to take on leadership roles, and a love of business and entrepreneurship.

Seattle University Scholarship Benefits

Those who are selected for these scholarships will receive $12,000 every year for the four years they spend pursuing their education. However, the winners must continue to have outstanding academic records to keep receiving this scholarship.

Eligibility Conditions for Seattle University Scholarships

• No matter where you live, you can apply.

• Your written and spoken English must be flawless.

• Your transcripts from school must be presented.

• The SAT and ACT are optional.

• You have the necessary academic standing.

How to Apply for Seattle University Scholarships

• Before being admitted, international students must apply to the university.

• They should apply online and submit a personal statement outlining their aspirations, accomplishments, and dedication to changing the world, as well as their academic transcripts and letters of recommendation.

• Since each scholarship may have unique qualifying requirements, interested candidates should check the details in the link below. is the application link.

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Seattle University scholarships are intended to assist overseas students who have accomplished extraordinary academic feats. The criteria for awarding them include financial necessity and academic achievement. Eager pupils must be able to illustrate these two circumstances and others.



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