Scholarships for Dance Majors – An Excellent Guide 2024!


Scholarships for dancers?! Absolutely! Look into your pirouettes and secure a scholarship! Discover scholarships for dance majors ready to fuel your passion. Whether it’s ballet or hip-hop, spin your way toward a dream degree! Don’t miss out—apply now!

Scholarships for Dance Majors
Scholarships for Dance Majors

1. Alexis Mackenzie Memorial Scholarship for the Arts

Alexis Mackenzie, a vibrant soul celebrated for her positivity and infectious laughter, exuded a profound love for the arts, embracing music, painting, and dance with unparalleled enthusiasm. A natural dancer who began expressing herself through movement before mastering the art of standing, Alexis harbored dreams of a flourishing career in dance or music. Unfortunately, her promising journey was cut short in 2018.

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The arts, with their power to ignite dreams, evoke joy, build connections, transport us to distant realms, and unite us as a global community, remain integral to our shared human experience. However, funding for artistic pursuits often faces challenges, leaving numerous talented students without the necessary resources and support for success.

In response to this issue, this scholarship seeks to aid underrepresented women who, alongside possessing artistic potential, confront financial constraints hindering the pursuit of their creative aspirations. This initiative aims to honor Alexis’s memory by empowering aspiring female artists who might otherwise encounter barriers to realizing their artistic dreams.

A total of $9,350 in prize money will be distributed among the winners as follows:

– The first-place winner will receive $3,000.

– The second-place winner will be awarded $2,000.

– The third-place winner will receive $1,500.

– The fourth-place winner will also receive $1,500.

2. Gayle McKinney-Griffith Memorial Scholarship

– Scholarship Information:

– Award: $1,000

– Number of Winners: 1

– Application Status: OPEN

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

– Winners Announced: May 31, 2024

– Education Level: Undergraduate, High School

About the Scholarship:

Gayle McKinney-Griffith, an enduring figure in the dance realm and a trailblazer in fostering inclusivity, left an indelible mark on the dance world. As a pioneering Black Ballerina, she overcame numerous challenges, paving the way for herself and others. The Gayle McKinney-Griffith Memorial Scholarship pays homage to her legacy by acknowledging the importance of diverse voices in dance, specifically supporting students of color. Valued at $1,000, this scholarship offers financial assistance and guidance, empowering individuals to excel in their dance studies and contributing to inclusivity and cultural enrichment within the performing arts. The initiative promotes diversity and representation, fostering a vibrant and equitable dance community.


The scholarship is open to any high school or undergraduate student who identifies as a person of color pursuing a degree in dance.

Application Requirements:

Applicants are encouraged to articulate the significance of dance in their lives and share the challenges they have overcome as underrepresented dancers. The goal is to celebrate individual stories and experiences, highlighting the resilience and diversity within the dance community.

3. Boddu/Nekkanti Dance Scholarship Fund

Dance, an enchanting art form deeply ingrained in human culture over centuries, serves as a profound medium of expression, seamlessly weaving together movement, rhythm, and emotion to narrate stories, convey ideas, and encapsulate experiences. Recognizing the profound impact of dance on individual lives and its role as a powerful artistic outlet, a scholarship initiative has been established to nurture and support aspiring dancers on their journey toward excellence.

This scholarship program welcomes high school dancers from diverse backgrounds and with varying dance styles. Its overarching goal is to champion diversity and inclusivity within the dance community, recognizing dance as a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether one’s passion lies in classical ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, or any other dance style, the scholarship program is dedicated to backing dancers who embody unwavering passion, undeniable talent, and a resolute work ethic. Embracing the rich tapestry of dance forms, the program strives to foster a community that celebrates the unique contributions of every dancer.

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: March 9, 2024

– Winners Announced: April 9, 2024

– Education Level: High School

About the Scholarship:

This scholarship, valued at $500, is open for application, allowing high school students to access financial support for their educational pursuits. To assist and recognize academic achievements, the scholarship welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds.


Open to high school students seeking financial assistance for their education.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to apply before the deadline. The application process is straightforward, and winners will be announced on April 9, 2024. Contribute to the future of education by supporting this initiative.

4. Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship

The Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship

In her early twenties, while attending college, Cat faced an immense challenge when her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. The toll of her mother’s declining health and eventual passing in 2005 weighed heavily on Cat’s family. Coping with this loss made it challenging for Cat to focus on her education. Less than a year later, Cat became a mother herself, adding the responsibility of raising a newborn to her grieving process.

Following her college years, Cat found success in her early MMA career. However, tragedy struck again when her husband, a significant figure in guiding her career, unexpectedly passed away in 2014. He played the roles of husband, employer, father, and coach. The loss was devastating, forcing Cat and her son to navigate a new and challenging reality. Since then, every day has required adjustments as they grapple with the familial void left by this loss.

Despite these hardships, Cat remains resilient, focusing on what matters most—raising her son. Whether in MMA or facing daily challenges, Cat exemplifies the spirit of overcoming adversity to show her son that hardships need not define one’s life. Through her experiences, Cat has become an inspiration to many.

Scholarship Details:

The Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship aims to support students navigating their journey of loss. This scholarship, named in honor of Cat’s resilience, is intended for those who have lost a close family member, legal guardian, or loved one and need financial assistance for their education as they move forward.

Cat’s story serves as a beacon of hope and determination, and this scholarship seeks to recognize and assist students who, like Cat, demonstrate strength in the face of personal tragedy.

Scholarship Award:

– Amount: $10,000

– Number of Winners: 1

– Application Status: OPEN

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: July 20, 2024

– Winners Announced: August 20, 2024

– Education Level: Any

About the Scholarship:

This $10,000 scholarship is currently open for applications, offering a significant opportunity for students at any education level to receive financial support for their academic pursuits.


Open to students at any education level seeking financial assistance.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications before the deadline. The application process is straightforward, and the winner will be announced on August 20, 2024. Contribute to the advancement of education by supporting this initiative.

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5. Sandra West ALS Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Awards:

– 1st Winner: $10,715

– 2nd Winner: $5,358

– Number of Winners: 2

– Application Status: OPEN

– Apply Now

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

– Winners Announced: June 30, 2024

– Education Level: Any

About the Scholarship:

ALS is a devastating neurological disease that not only affects individuals but has a profound impact on their entire families. The Sandra West ALS Foundation Scholarship addresses the significant financial challenges faced by college students whose parents are living with ALS. This scholarship is a tribute to Sandra West, a remarkable woman devoted to various roles – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a dedicated elementary school teacher. Despite her battle with ALS limiting her physical abilities, Sandy remains an inspiration.

This scholarship, totaling $10,715 for the 1st winner and $5,358 for the 2nd winner, acknowledges Sandy’s enduring commitment to education. It aims to support college students who navigate the dual challenges of academic pursuits and familial responsibilities during an exceptionally challenging period.


Open to college students facing the dual challenges of academic pursuit and familial responsibilities, particularly those whose parents are living with ALS.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates must submit their applications before the May 31, 2024 deadline. Winners will be announced on June 30, 2024. Contribute to supporting students facing the impact of ALS on their families and academic journeys.

6. Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics

Eligibility Requirements:

– Education Level: Undergraduate, High School

– Gender: Female-identifying

– Field of Study: Robotics

About the Scholarship:

Joanne Pransky, recognized as ‘The World’s First Robot Psychiatrist,’ significantly contributed to the social aspects of robotics—a pioneering effort predating the widespread prevalence of robotics. Modeled after Isaac Asimov’s Susan Calvin from the iRobot stories, Joanne mentored and inspired numerous women interested in STEM fields, particularly robotics.

This $3,000 scholarship honors Joanne Pransky’s impactful legacy by supporting female-identifying students pursuing education and careers in robotics. Open to high school and two or four-year undergraduate students. This initiative seeks to encourage women to overcome barriers and excel in the dynamic field of robotics.

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: February 29, 2024

– Winners Announced: March 31, 2024

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to apply by submitting a short science fiction story exploring the challenges or opportunities of robotics. The scholarship will award three winners, each receiving $1,000. Seize the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of women in robotics.

7. CapCut Meme Master Scholarship

Scholarship Details:

– Award: $500

– Number of Winners: 1

– Application Status: OPEN

Application Details:

– Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

– Winners Announced: September 30, 2024

– Education Level: Any

About the Scholarship:

Capcut videos have taken social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram by storm, enabling millions to create viral and hilarious videos using scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows. This scholarship celebrates the creative brilliance of video creators who leverage the power of Capcut, a renowned video editor and meme maker, to craft memorable and laughter-inducing memes. Here’s your chance to win a scholarship by showcasing your talent for creating school-related Capcut memes – without having to write an essay!

Why a Capcut Meme?

Being a student can sometimes feel like an endless grind with assignments, group projects, and exams. However, a well-timed meme can be a game-changer, providing a momentary escape and a reminder not to take everything too seriously. Capcut memes have become our quick escapes from the daily hustle, injecting a bit of humor into our lives. Now, it’s your turn to contribute to the laughter!

How to Apply:

Get creative and make us laugh! Craft your school-related Capcut meme, and you could win a $500 scholarship. Apply by the February 1, 2024 deadline; the winners will be announced on September 30, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your meme-making skills and lighten the academic journey.

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About Dance Scholarships

Dance scholarships are pivotal in supporting aspiring dancers pursuing education in various styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, tap, ethnic, and folk dance. The academic year 2019-2020 witnessed the awarding of 3.4 thousand dance degrees, reflecting the diverse and growing interest in this art form.

Scholarships for Dance Majors
Scholarships for Dance Majors

With 343 schools in the United States offering dance degrees, students have many options to nurture their skills and passion. While a master’s degree is a common educational attainment among dance professionals, it is not obligatory for a successful career.

Choreography is prominent in dance-related careers, constituting a quarter of such jobs. The field is anticipated to grow by 3 percent from 2016 to 2026, opening up opportunities in dance studios, professional companies, Broadway productions, and various entertainment companies. The versatility of dance and choreography extends to roles in performing arts studios globally, with graduates pursuing careers as performers in cruise ships, theme parks, or casinos.

The overall outlook for dance careers projects growth of 10.8% between 2016 and 2026, indicating a demand for skilled professionals. However, the cost of dance education and concerns about managing student debt deter some individuals from pursuing their passion for dance in college. In 2017-2018, dance students earned an average of $20,940, posing challenges in covering tuition expenses.

Despite financial challenges, the availability of dance scholarships offers a valuable solution for passionate individuals, helping alleviate financial burdens and facilitating access to quality education in dance. Scholarships not only support the dreams of aspiring dancers but also contribute to the vitality and growth of the dance community.

What is a Dance Scholarship?

A dance scholarship is a merit-based award for accredited undergraduate and graduate students. It recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding artistic excellence or a genuine passion for dance. These scholarships are not limited to dance majors; they are open to any student who exhibits exceptional talent and dedication to dance, regardless of their chosen major.

Are there dance scholarships?

Certainly, many scholarships are tailored to support students pursuing dance degrees, providing dedicated assistance for those on a career path within dance. Additionally, there are art and performing arts scholarships that encompass a broader scope, offering opportunities for dance majors and individuals exploring various career paths within the arts. These diverse scholarships enrich the educational and professional landscape for students passionate about dance and the arts.

Can you get a dance scholarship?

Many scholarships are specifically designed for students with a deep passion for dance. Although winning every applied scholarship is not assured, platforms like simplify the application process, enabling applicants to easily apply to multiple scholarships with a straightforward click. This streamlined approach enhances the accessibility of opportunities for individuals dedicated to pursuing their love for dance through financial support.

How to get a dance scholarship

To commence the application process, click on any of the listed scholarships. If you haven’t established a free profile, you will be directed to create one. The scholarship search features assist you in identifying the most relevant scholarships based on your experiences, goals, and skills. Utilize filters to narrow down your search by education level, scholarship amount, deadline, and category. The bookmark tool enables you to save scholarships for future reference. Once you’ve pinpointed suitable scholarships, the application process is streamlined, emphasizing the creation of a compelling essay or submitting other required materials.

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What Does it Require to Secure a Dance Scholarship?

Dance scholarships may come with diverse requirements, such as specializing in a specific discipline, being part of a particular identity group, or presenting a portfolio of work. Despite these specificities, dancers with exceptional talent can uncover numerous scholarship opportunities on platforms like, facilitating financial support for their educational journey.

Conclusion On Scholarships For Dance Majors

Scholarships designed for dance majors play a crucial role in fostering the development of the next generation of talented and passionate dancers. These opportunities alleviate the financial challenges associated with pursuing a dance education while acknowledging and supporting the dedication, discipline, and creativity that dancers bring to their art. Aspiring dance majors encounter unique obstacles, and scholarships catalyze them to pursue their dreams, contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of the dance world. By investing in these scholarships, we not only support the education of individual dancers but also contribute to the enrichment and evolution of the art form itself. In celebrating the achievements and potential of dance majors through scholarships, we ensure the continued thriving and inspiration of the dance world for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions On Scholarships For Dance Majors

1. What colleges offer dance scholarships?

Many colleges offer dance scholarships, including Wake Forest University, the University of Maine, and Alma College. Private scholarships on platforms like are also valuable options.

2. How hard is it to get a dance scholarship?

Securing a dance scholarship can be competitive, given the many applicants. However, applying to various scholarships, including those on, increases the chances of success.

3. Can you get a full dance scholarship?

Full-ride scholarships for dance are rare due to high competition. However, dancers can cover substantial tuition by applying to multiple scholarship programs.

4. When can I start applying?

Dancers can apply for scholarships as early as fourteen and during high school. High school seniors, undergraduates, and graduates can continue applying throughout their academic journey.

5. How do I know if I’m eligible for a scholarship?

Eligibility requirements are outlined in each scholarship description. Criteria may include race, gender, location, field of study, academic excellence, leadership, or financial need. Completing a comprehensive profile on ensures accurate eligibility.

6. Are scholarships counted as income?

Generally, scholarship money used for qualified expenses like tuition, fees, books, and supplies is not counted as income. However, it may be taxable for non-educational costs like room and board. Scholarships from are directly sent to the winner’s school for qualifying educational expenses.



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