Nursing Scholarships – Your Guide to Financial Aid in Healthcare Education 2023/24

Interested in nursing scholarships? Explore a comprehensive guide to nursing scholarships, offering financial aid opportunities for aspiring nurses. 

Discover diverse funding options and resources tailored to support your education in the dynamic field of healthcare.

Navigating the world of nursing education often comes with financial challenges, but numerous scholarships exist to support aspiring nurses. These scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden while recognizing the dedication and commitment of individuals pursuing a career in nursing. 

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Understanding these opportunities opens doors to funding options specifically designed for those passionate about healthcare, ensuring that deserving students can access the resources needed to excel in this vital field.

Joseph Joshua Searor Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship stands as a tribute to Joseph Joshua Searor, aiming to support students who share his fervor for nursing and learning.

Open to all pursuing nursing—be it undergraduate, trade school, or graduate students—this scholarship holds a special preference for non-traditional or second-career students, honoring Joseph’s spirit of resilience and determination in the pursuit of education and nursing excellence.

When applying, share your educational path and the pivotal moment when your calling to become a nurse became clear.

Eligibility Criteria

Education Level: Trade school or graduate level

Field of Study: Students pursuing nursing at the undergraduate

Nursing Scholarships
Nursing Scholarships

Brandon Tyler Castinado Memorial Scholarship

Brandon Tyler Castinado touched countless lives in his brief 30 years on this earth. As a respected 1st Lieutenant in the Army, he served his country with pride and continued his mission of caring for others as a Registered Nurse in the Surgical ICU at the University of Utah.

He was a cherished son, brother, and friend, known for his infectious smile and compassionate words that uplifted those around him.

At 30, Brandon tragically succumbed to depression, leaving a void in the hearts of those who knew him. The Brandon Tyler Castinado Memorial Scholarship stands as a tribute to his life, offering support to college students pursuing higher education.

This scholarship welcomes applications from undergraduate and graduate students in all nursing fields, with a special encouragement for military professionals and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to apply, honoring Brandon’s legacy of service and inclusivity.

Eligibility Criteria

Educational Level: Undergraduate or graduate students

Field of Study: Nursing

Community Health Ambassador Scholarship for Nursing Students

Nursing embodies more than just a career—it represents a dedicated commitment to others’ well-being. Nurses, the often unsung heroes of healthcare, offer comfort and support during life’s toughest moments.

Empowering the upcoming generation of nursing professionals is vital; they will become beacons of health within their communities. Nursing students face numerous challenges—from demanding academics to exhaustive clinical work and financial stress.

This scholarship aims to alleviate the financial strain of higher education, empowering aspiring nurses to impact healthcare institutions and local communities positively.

Open to U.S. citizen or permanent resident high school seniors, undergraduates, and graduate students pursuing nursing, this scholarship encourages and supports the next wave of compassionate healthcare providers.

Eligibility criteria

Education Level: Secondary school senior, student in college (undergraduate or graduate level),

Citizenship Status: Citizen of the United States or permanent legal resident

Field of Study: Nursing

Deanna Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Each individual holds the potential to bring healing into others’ lives, sometimes born from their own experiences.

Deanna, known for her immense kindness amid personal struggles, consistently extended support to others. In remembrance of her legacy, the Deanna Ellis Memorial Scholarship aims to assist a student dedicated to aiding individuals confronting substance abuse challenges.

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students passionate about assisting those affected by substance abuse are eligible. Fields encompass mental health counseling, nursing, healthcare, and related majors, prioritizing students driven by a genuine commitment to this cause.

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Eligibility Requirement

Educational Level: High school, undergraduate, or graduate student

Major/Field: Fields such as mental health counseling, healthcare, nursing, or occupations focused on supporting individuals dealing with substance abuse issues

Loreen K. Odemu Memorial Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship commemorates the legacy of Loreen K. Odemu by empowering the next wave of Registered Nurses, aiming to inspire students to follow their passion for aiding others in need.

Loreen commenced her educational journey at Loreto Convent Valley Road for her O-levels and continued at Makini School in Kenya for her A-levels. She pursued higher education at Western Illinois University, culminating in her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Mac Murray College.

Her career as a Registered Nurse began at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois, before she transitioned to serve as an Emergency Room Nurse at Regional Medical Center of San Jose in California. Loreen, also known as Kavu, is survived by her children Andrew and Eli Coker, her parents Charles and Mary Odemu, and siblings Evaline, Emilly, Violet, Humphrey, David, and Diana Odemu. Additionally, she is remembered by her niece Gina and nephews Martin and Benjamin, along with Sister-in-Law Rose and Brother-in-Law Sam. Her grandfathers were Gerishon Mage and Andrew Mwavali.

Kavu cherished traveling and bonding with her sons at the beach. She found joy in sharing her recipes, preparing meals, and generously delivering them to her loved ones.

A devout member of Friends Church – Quakers, Loreen completed her catechism class in 2000, conducted by Pastor Hudson Omenda.

Loreen peacefully passed away in her sleep on September 3rd, 2022.

This scholarship welcomes applications from high school seniors, undergraduates, or trade school students aspiring to pursue a career in nursing. Priority will be given to students aspiring to become Registered Nurses.

Eligibility Requirements

Field of Study: Nursing

GPA: 3.0

Education Level: High school senior, Undergraduate or Trade school

State: California


Sigirci-Jones Scholarship

Nurses stand as indispensable pillars in our society, resiliently navigating through staffing challenges, pandemics, and more.

Regrettably, the United States faces a burgeoning shortage of nurses, a trend anticipated to persist as a significant portion of the current nursing workforce approaches retirement. By 2030, an estimated 1 million nurses are poised to retire, constituting a quarter of the existing nursing cadre. To meet the healthcare demands adequately, it becomes imperative to inspire present-day students to pursue their aspirations in nursing.

This scholarship endeavors to aid students in their pursuit of nursing careers by providing financial support for their educational endeavors.

Undergraduate students maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.2 and actively pursuing nursing studies are invited to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria

Education Level: Undergraduate student

GPA: 3.2 or higher

Field of Study: Nursing


Nursing Scholarships
Nursing Scholarships

Autumn Davis Memorial Scholarship

Empowering the upcoming generation of mental health practitioners stands as one of the most impactful steps toward global betterment.

The pervasive reach of mental illness affects almost everyone, be it through personal battles or witnessing the struggles of those we care about. As societal stigma persists, dissuading individuals from discussing their challenges and seeking assistance, it becomes imperative to foster widespread understanding regarding the significance of mental well-being.

This scholarship endeavors to provide aid to students who are committed to pursuing careers within the realm of mental health.

High school seniors, undergraduates, or graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0, embarking on paths in nursing, social work, psychology, or counseling, are encouraged to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility Requirement

Education Level: High school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student

GPA: 3.0 or higher

Field of Study: Mental health (nursing, social work, psychology, or counseling)

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Maureen C. Pace Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Maureen C. Pace, a cherished wife, mother, and grandmother, passed away on March 18th, 2023.

Devoting her career to nursing, Maureen exemplified a life committed to aiding and nurturing others. She held prominent roles, serving as Head Nurse in the Emergency Room, progressing to Director of Nursing, and eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer at Mount Vernon Hospital. Later, at Putnam Hospital Center, she assumed the role of Director of Clinical Services, leading the establishment of an Integrative Health Suite specifically tailored to offer alternative therapies for breast cancer patients.

Maureen’s fervor for elevating patient care and enhancing hospital standards manifested through her introduction of cutting-edge technology to nursing professionals. Her love for her community propelled her to volunteer with local organizations, offering support to cancer patients by driving them to appointments, sharing her own journey, and extending a compassionate presence.

This scholarship stands as a tribute to the remarkable life of Maureen C. Pace, aimed at supporting aspiring nurses who seek to make transformative changes as they pursue higher education. High school seniors, undergraduates, or graduate nursing students in New York, holding a GPA of 3.0 or above, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

State: New York

GPA: New York

Field of Study: Nursing

Education Level: High school senior, undergraduate or graduate student

Evan James Vaillancourt Memorial Scholarship

As an Airborne Combat Medic in the United States Army, Evan consistently showcased his unwavering dedication to aiding others, a true testament to his passion for helping people each day.

During his off-duty moments, Evan tirelessly cared for those in his midst, his commitment to assistance ingrained in every facet of his life.

His remarkable ability to positively influence countless lives was profound. A mere glimpse of his smile and the glimpse of his “Dimples” radiated his affectionate soul and boundless compassion.

Before departing, Evan was actively pursuing further medical education, aiming to fulfill his aspirations of becoming a Trauma Nurse. This scholarship aims to commemorate Evan James Vaillancourt’s life by supporting numerous individuals in their pursuit of a nursing career, a path Evan eagerly anticipated.

High school seniors aspiring for a nursing degree, boasting a minimum GPA of 3.5, along with community service or volunteering experience, are eligible to apply. Those with military connections are particularly encouraged to seek this scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria

Field of Study: Nursing

Background: Community service or volunteering experience

GPA: 3.5 or higher

Education Level: High school senior

Noble E. Gagucas Nursing Scholarship

Throughout her entire life, Noble E. Gagucas devoted herself to the care of others in her role as a Registered Nurse.

Noble’s unwavering commitment to the well-being and enlightenment of her patients held immense significance, resonating deeply with her core values. Her fervor for supporting others mirrored her aspiration to afford similar opportunities to aspiring Registered Nurses.

This scholarship endeavors to pay tribute to Noble E. Gagucas’s altruism by providing support to upcoming nurses in their pursuit of higher education.

First-generation undergraduate nursing students, pursuing either a two or four-year degree, and hailing from underrepresented minority backgrounds, are invited to apply for this scholarship. Additionally, applicants with nonprofit or volunteering experience will be considered for this opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria

Education Level: Two or four-year undergraduate student

Identity: Underrepresented minority

Field of Study: Nursing

Background: First-generation college student

Experience: Nonprofit or volunteering

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Conclusion on nursing scholarships

Nursing scholarships stand as invaluable pathways toward fostering the next generation of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden of pursuing a nursing education but also honor the dedication, passion, and commitment exhibited by individuals like Loreen K. Odemu, Maureen C. Pace, Evan James Vaillancourt, and Noble E. Gagucas. 

By supporting aspiring nurses through financial assistance and recognition, these scholarships not only elevate the profession but also contribute to the betterment of healthcare systems and the well-being of communities worldwide. As we continue to encourage and invest in the educational pursuits of future nurses, we pave the way for a brighter, more caring, and resilient healthcare landscape.

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