Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for 2023/24 Academic Session


When thinking about applying for a National Diploma at Kogi State Polytechnic (KSP), one major factor is how to meet the Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark, which would serve as a yardstick for securing a better chance in the admission process and getting your desired course.

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark

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Kogi State Polytechnic (KSP), located in Kogi state capital, Lokoja, is a renowned institution that provides quality technical and vocational education, as do many other polytechnics.

Kogi State Polytechnic (KSP) establishes cut-off marks to regulate admission into its various programs.

What is Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for 2023/24 Academic Session

The Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for the 2023/24 Academic Session is 100 for all courses offered in the school and the qualifier for post-UTME screening. The post-UTME requirement for each course varies depending on the department and course.

Determining Factors on Kogi poly Cut-Off mark

Several factors influenced the establishment of the Kogi poly Cut-Off mark. These factors include the courses’ competitiveness, the institution’s capacity, and the candidates’ overall performance in the UTME organized by JAMB and the post-UTME conducted by the school.

The institution reviews these factors each academic session to set appropriate cut-off marks for different programs. Below are brief explanations of those factors

Competitiveness of Courses

Courses at Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja vary in popularity and demand. Highly sought-after programs, such as Science Laboratory Science, Public Administration, and Computer Science, often have higher cut-off marks due to the intense competition for limited slots.

On the other hand, less competitive programs may have lower cut-off marks, reflecting a balance between demand and available resources.

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Capacity of the Institution

The institution’s capacity to accommodate students is crucial in determining cut-off marks. Kogi State Polytechnic aims to maintain a conducive learning environment and ensure that admitted students receive a quality education without overwhelming the institution’s resources.

Cut-off marks are, therefore, set to align with the institution’s capacity for each academic session.

Performance of Candidates

Candidates’ academic performance in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or the post-UTME screening plays a significant role in setting cut-off marks. Kogi State Polytechnic considers the average performance of candidates applying for each program and adjusts the cut-off marks accordingly.

What is the Kogi poly Cut-Off mark For the 2023/24 Academic Session?

According to the post-UTME advert on the school website, the school’s management set the 2023 Kogi poly Cut-Off mark for Jamb to be 100 scores of 2023 UTME for all courses, although post-UTME is set as a standard cut-off to qualify for certain courses in the school.

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark by each school within the polytechnic community

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for School of Art, Design and Printing

Departments JAMB cut-off Post -UTME
Fine Art 100 23

Kogi poly Cut-Off mark for School of Applied Science

Departments JAMB cut-off Post -UTME
Computer Science 100 15
Science Laboratory Technology 100 15
Statistics 100 15

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for School of Engineering

Departments JAMB cut-off Post -UTME
Aerospace Engineering Technology 100 15
Computer Engineering 100 15
Civil Engineering 100 15
Electrical/Electronics Engineering 100 15
Foundry Technology 100 15
Mechanical Engineering 100 15
Metallurgical/ Materials Engineering 100 15
Mineral Resources Engineering 100 15

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for School of Environmental Technology

Departments JAMB cut-off Post -UTME
Architectural Technology 100 15
Building Technology 100 15
Surveying and Geo Informatics 100 15
Urban and Regional Planning 100 15

Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for School of Management Studies

Departments JAMB cut-off Post -UTME
Accountancy 100 27
Business Administration 100 31
Library and information Science 100 23
Office Technology Management 100 15
Public Administration 100 35


The Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark for all courses is carefully determined to ensure a fair and competitive admission process. Prospective students should stay informed about the institution’s admission criteria, including the cut-off marks, and work on meeting or exceeding these standards to increase their chances of being admitted into the program they want to pursue.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Kogi Poly Cut-Off mark.

What is the cut-off mark for Kogi State Poly 2023?

Kogi Poly’s Cut-Off mark for 2023 is a 100 score on the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by Jamb.

How much is the Kogi State Polytechnic Post UTME form?

Kogi State Polytechnic (KSP) post-UTME form is Two Thousand naira only (2000)



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