EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off Mark for 2023/24 Academic Session

What is the EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark for the 2023/24 Academic Session? Edo State University UZAIRUE set their cut-off mark to be 140 scores of 2023 UTME for all courses.


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This pass mark is the standard the school authority sets to scale prospective students through the admission process for proper selection.

An essential aspect of the admission process of any university is the cut-off mark set by the university management, as it serves as a determining factor in the admission process.

Brief History of EDSU UZAIRUE

The state government of Edo established Edo State University Uzairue (formerly Edo University Iyamho). Edo State University, also known as EDSU UZAIRUE, was accorded recognition and issued a license by the National Universities Commission on 23rd March 2016 as the 41st University and 142nd University in Nigeria.

The university offers different academic programs, and like many universities, it employs a cut-off mark system to streamline the admission process.

What is the cut-off mark?

A cut-off mark is the minimum score a candidate must attain in their examinations to be considered for admission into a higher institution.

The university determines this score and is a crucial element in the selection process.

Determining the EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark

Usually, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is involved in determining the EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark.

Universities and JAMB collaborate to establish guidelines for passing marks for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), which serves as a cut-off mark.

At the Edo State University UZAIRUE, all courses have a 140 cut-off mark, unlike most universities where the marks vary at the departmental level.

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Factors Behind EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off Mark

There are many other factors behind the difference in the EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark at the faculty level and with some courses; these factors include

Academic Performance: Edo State University UZAIRUE may consider the percentage of prospective candidates that passed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Post UTME to grade their cut-off for each course and the Faculty.

Competition: Courses with high demand and limited available seats tend to have higher cut-off marks. The level of competition among applicants plays a significant role in determining these marks.

Quota System: EDSU UZAIRUE can set up a quota system, sharing a certain number of seats among different categories based on merit, place of origin, and other unique factors. Quotas may affect the minimum score required for different applicant categories.

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off by Faculties

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Management and Social Science

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
Accounting 140
Business Administration 140
Economics 140
English Language 140
History and International Studies 140
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 140
Political Science and Public Administration 140
Entrepreneurship 140
Sociology 140

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Science

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
Plant Biology and Biotechnology 140
Animal and Environmental Biology 140
Microbiology 140
Physics with Electronics 140
Computer science 140
Industrial Chemistry 140

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Law

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
law 140

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Basic Medical Science

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
Biochemistry 140
Medical Laboratory Science 140
Nursing 140
Anatomy 140
Physiology 140

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Basic Clinical Science

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
Medicine and Surgery 140

EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark by Faculty of Engineering

Departments Jamb Cut off Marks
Chemical Engineering 140
Civil Engineering 140
Computer Engineering 140
Electrical/Electronic Engineering 140
Mechanical Engineering 140


Aspiring students who want to enroll in this esteemed university must meet the EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark. Aiming for academic excellence, regularly monitoring official channels for updated information, and meticulously preparing for entrance exams are crucial strategies for completing the admissions process.

Qualified and deserving candidates will eventually be admitted through a strict and equitable selection process because EDSU UZAIRUE is committed to maintaining high academic standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions on EDSU UZAIRUE Cut-Off mark.

What is the cut-off mark for Edo State University Nursing 2023 2024

Edo State University, Uzairue, has a general cut-off mark for all courses; the required jamb pass mark is 140 for 2023 UTME.

Does Edo State University accept a second choice?

No! The Edo State University only accepts candidates who choose them as their second choice; they advised prospective Candidates who wrote the 2023 UTME but did not choose Edo State University Uzairue as their First Choice to change it through the jamb and apply.

Is Edo State University a private university?

Edo State University is a state-owned university accredited and licensed by the National Universities Commission.


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