Covenant University Cut-Off mark for 2023/24 Academic Session


Knowing the Covenant University Cut-Off mark is significant when considering studying there. Covenant University is one of the private universities in Nigeria with a commitment to academic excellence and a focus on the holistic development of students.

Covenant University Cut-Off mark

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Like most Universities in Nigeria, Covenant University sets a cut-off mark as part of its admission criteria, determining the minimum academic standard for prospective students seeking entry into various programs offered by the university.

Brief History of Covenant University

David Oyedepo, the presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, established Covenant University on 21 October 2002. Covenant University is a private university located in Otta, Ogun state. It is known for academic excellence and a dedication to creating a supportive learning environment.

What is the cut-off mark?

The cut-off mark is the minimum score an applicant must attain in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), to be considered for admission into Covenant University.

What is the Covenant University Cut-Off mark for the 2023/24 Academic Session?

Covenant University cut-off mark for the 2023/24 Academic Session is 200 scores of 2023 UTME conducted by the Joint Admission Tertiary and Matriculation Board. Based on the university’s portal information, the Realistic Institutional Admittable Minimum UTME Score (RIAMUS), generally known as the Cut-off Mark for this year’s admission cycle into Covenant University, is 200. This pass mark covered all the departments and courses offered in the school

Factor Determines Covenant University Cut-Off Mark.

The Covenant University Cut-Off mark is determined by both JAMB and the school’s admission unit. Through their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the JAMB set a national cut-off for Nigeria’s higher institutions.

The Covenant University admission unit will set specific cut-off marks for various courses, considering factors such as competitiveness and the candidates’ overall performance.

Covenant University Cut-Off mark of 200 scores in 2023 UTME shows how highly competitive the university is and reflects the demand and selectivity of their courses.

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Covenant University Cut-Off mark by colleges in the school

Covenant University Cut-Off mark for College of Engineering

Departments Cut-Off mark
Civil Engineering 200
Electrical and Information Engineering 200
Mechanical Engineering 200
Petroleum Engineering 200
Chemical Engineering 200

Covenant University Cut-Off mark for College of Leadership And Development Studies

Departments Cut-Off mark
Psychology 200
Political Science and International Relations 200
Languages and General Studies 200
Leadership Studies 200

Covenant University Cut-Off mark for College of Management and Social Sciences

Departments Cut-Off mark
Accounting 200
Banking and Finance 200
Business Management 200
Economics 200
Mass Communication 200
Sociology 200

Covenant University Cut-Off mark for College of Science and Technology

Departments Cut-Off mark
Architecture 200
Building Technology 200
Estate Management 200
Biological Sciences 200
Biochemistry 200
Chemistry 200
Computer and Information Sciences 200
Mathematics and Physics 200


Covenant University’s Cut-Off mark serves as a benchmark for prospective students to meet to be considered for admission. Aspiring candidates should stay informed about the university’s admission requirements, including the cut-off mark, and diligently prepare to meet or exceed these standards to enhance their chances of gaining admission to this prestigious institution dedicated to academic and moral excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Covenant University Cut-Off Mark

Does Covenant University require a jamb?

Jamb is one of the prerequisites for the admission process in any university in Nigeria; Covenant University is not excepted from this as the university requires their prospective students to sit and score 200 and above in the UTME ( Unified Terterial and Matriculation Examination) conducted by JAMB.

Has Covenant University started post-UTME?

Yes, the 2023 Covenant University post-UTME screening for new students, called Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Screening (CUSAS), is ongoing.

NOTE: when you apply for Covenant University admission, after submitting your application, you can book your screening date and attend either online or on the university premises.

Why are phones not allowed at Covenant University?

The Covenant University authority believed that SIM-enabled devices would distract students’ attention and make them less focused on getting the best experience and education.



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