Must know About The AAU Cut-Off Mark For The 2023/24 Academic Session

One of the determinants of the admission process of any university is their cut-off mark. AAU is not different in that regard; knowing the AAU Cut-Off Mark for the 2023/24 Academic Session will help you prepare well for the admission process.

AAU Cut-Off mark

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Ambrose Alli University, often called AAU, is a well-known university in Nigeria, attracting students nationwide and beyond.

Pursuing higher education at AAU involves meeting specific criteria, such as having a complete O’level result and having a national cut-off mark in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME) organized by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB).

Although the official AAU Cut-Off Mark has not been approved by the school Authority, to prepare you for how things are done, we will make use of the 140 cut-off mark for the 2022/23 academic session which might be the same or slight difference from the cut-off mark for 2023/24 Academic session.

What is the AAU Cut-Off Mark

AAU Cut-Off Mark is the set score or grade of 140 and above that an aspirant of the university must achieve in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to qualify for admission into AAU.

These cut-off marks are set by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB), and there is Post UTME conducted by the university’s admission committee and can vary from one academic year to the next.

They act as a yardstick for sorting through the voluminous applications and choosing eligible applicants.

Criteria for Different Grades in AAU Cut-Off Mark

Realizing that AAU Cut-off Marks are not a universally applicable criterion is crucial. These can change depending on the Faculty and course.

Higher cut-off marks are frequently associated with more popular and competitive courses because of the intense competition for the few seats available. Conversely, courses with fewer applicants may have lower cut-off marks.

Prospective students should acquaint themselves with the specific cut-off marks for their intended programs to prepare for the admission process effectively.

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Factors Behind AAU Cut-Off Marks

There are many factors behind the difference in AAU Cut-Off Mark at the faculty level and with some courses; these factors include

  1. Academic Performance: AAU may consider the percentage of prospective candidates that passed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Post UTME to grade their cut-off for each course and the Faculty.
  2. Competition: Courses with high demand and limited available seats tend to have higher cut-off marks. The level of competition among applicants plays a significant role in determining these marks.
  3. Quota System: AAU can set up a quota system, sharing a certain number of seats among different categories based on merit, place of origin, and other unique factors. Quotas may affect the minimum score required for different applicant categories.

AAU Cut-Off Mark By Faculty For 2023

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty of Agricultural Science



Animal Science 140 35
Crop Science 140 35
Agricultural Economics and Extension 140 35
Soil Science 140 35

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty of Arts



English 140 35
Modern Language 140 35
History and International Studies 140 35
Mass Communication 140 35
Philosophy 140 40
Religious and Cultural Studies 140 35
Theater and Media Arts 170 50

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty of Basic Science



Anatomy 140 45
Medical Laboratory Science 140 60
Nursing 140 45
Human Physiology 140 50
Medical Biochemistry 140 50

AAU Cut-Off Mark For the Faculty of Clinical Science



Community Medicine and Primary Health Care 140 45
Medicine 140 60
Obstetrics and Gynecology 140 45
Surgery 140 65
Pediatrics 140 45
Pathology Science 140 45
Phrenology and Therapeutics 140 45

AAU Cut- Off Mark For The Faculty of Education



Business Education 140 35
Curriculum and Instruction 140 35
Educational Foundations and Management 140 35
Guidance and Counseling 140 35
Physical and Health Education 140 35
Vocational and Technical Education 140 35

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Environment



Architecture 140 35
Building 140 35
Visual Arts and Creative Design 140 35
Geography and Environmental Management 140 35

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Engineering And Technology



Agricultural and Bio/Resource Engineering 140 45
Civil Engineering 140 35
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 140 45
Industrial and Production Engineering 140 45
Mechanical Engineering 140 35
Material and Metallurgical Engineering 140 45

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Life Science



Biochemistry 140 35
Botany 140 40
Human Nutrition and Dietetic 140 35
Microbiology 140 35
Plant Science and Biotechnology 140 35
Zoology 140

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Law



LAW 140 60

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Management Science



Accounting 140 45
Banking and Finance 140 35
Business Administration 140 45
Public Administration 140 38

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty of Physical Science



Chemistry 140 35
Computer Science 140 35
Mathematics 140 35
Physics 140 35

AAU Cut-Off Mark For The Faculty Of Social Science



Economics 140 35
Political Science 140 35
Psychology Sociology 140 35

Practical Preparation for AAU’s Admission Process

  1. Academic Excellence: Concentrate on your studies and strive for excellence in your educational endeavors. A solid academic background significantly enhances your chances of meeting or exceeding the required cut-off marks.
  2. Stay Informed: Regularly monitor AAU’s official website and other authorized communication channels for updates regarding admission processes, including cut-off marks. Staying informed ensures that you are aware of any changes or announcements.
  3. Seek Guidance: Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or professionals who can offer valuable insights into the admission process. They can help you with specific information to guide and prepare you effectively.

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The AAU Cut-Off Mark is essential when deciding a candidate’s admissions eligibility. Aspiring students can improve their chances of fulfilling the requirements and getting into their desired courses by being aware of the factors that affect these marks and putting in a lot of preparation.

Frequently Ask Question on AAU Cut-Off Mark

What is the Cut-Off Mark for AAU Mass Communication?

For the 2022/23 Academic Session, the AAU cut-off mark for mass communication is 200 in UTME, while the candidate needs to score 50 in the Post UTME set by the school Admission board.

What is the Cut-Off Mark for medicine and surgery in AAU?

At AAU, medicine and surgery are in different departments, though in the same clinical science faculty with the same cut-off, 220 in UTME and 55 in post-UTME, respectively.

How can I get admission to AAU?

Aspiring candidates must sit and pass their secondary examinations with at least five credits, including math and English. Register for UTME and score the national cut-off mark approved by Jamb


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