Women in Tech Scholarships –  Guide & Resources 2023/24

Here are some wealth of resources and insights on women in tech scholarships. Explore opportunities, eligibility criteria, and application tips to empower your journey into the world of technology.

In recent years, the landscape of technology has been evolving, and so has the push for gender diversity within the industry. Women in tech scholarships have emerged as a means to encourage and support female participation in this field. 

These scholarships offer not only financial aid but also opportunities for mentorship, networking, and skill development. Exploring the various options available can pave the way for aspiring women to break into and excel in the tech industry.

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What’s women in tech scholarship?

Scholarships for women in tech hold greater significance beyond mere financial aid. They serve as pivotal tools in addressing the gender gap within tech industries. 

Despite some progress, the influx of women into the STEM field isn’t consistent across all sectors. Surprisingly, women earning computer science degrees faced an 8% decline from 1997 to 2016, as highlighted in our women in tech statistics.

Thankfully, colleges and employers are actively acknowledging and combatting this disparity. They’re making substantial investments to narrow the gap, resulting in a surge of scholarships tailored for women in tech. 

These scholarships aim to support aspiring women seeking to finance their education. Explore these programs designed to empower ambitious women, kickstarting their journey in STEM fields.

Women in Tech Scholarships
Women in Tech Scholarships

Scholarships for Female Coders

Women aspiring to enter tech fields like web development, computer programming, or software development require extensive coding knowledge. Coding bootcamps offer a gateway for women to step into this domain. 

However, these intensive programs come with a price tag ranging from $9,000 to $28,000, posing a financial challenge that often surpasses the curriculum itself. This financial barrier becomes another hurdle for women aiming to venture into computer science.

The encouraging news is the availability of scholarships specifically designated for female coders, awarded based on financial need. To assist aspiring women, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list below, featuring scholarships that partially or fully cover the costs of coding bootcamps.

Claim Academy scholarships

Claim Academy is dedicated to providing scholarships and financial assistance to its students, striving to support all participants. Remarkably, some coders are granted scholarships upon program acceptance. Particularly, any female admitted to Claim Academy’s Full Stack Software Developer Program automatically qualifies for a $500 women in tech scholarship.

Coding Dojo Scholarships – $1,000

The “women in tech scholarship” aims to assist aspiring female coders by offering a $1,000 scholarship that can be applied toward their educational pursuits.

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DigitalCrafts Scholarship – $1,000 – $1,500

DigitalCrafts endeavors to enhance accessibility to tech careers for underrepresented groups, such as female, Latinx, and Black students, within the tech industry. Their coding bootcamp initiative features a $1,000,000 scholarship fund, offering automatic grants of $1,000 for minority part-time students and $1,500 for full-time students.

Flatiron School Scholarships – 50% off Tuition

For women considering Flatiron School’s coding programs, funding options are available:

The Women Take Tech Initiative scholarship extends a 50% tuition discount specifically for females. Additionally, the Apply By Pi Scholarship aids women in attending the organization’s online web developer program.

Moreover, the Flatiron School provides a National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) scholarship. Any enrolled women, whether part-time or full-time, in the school’s software, data science, or cybersecurity courses qualify for this scholarship.

Makers Academy Scholarship – $700

Minority and female enrollees at the academy are eligible for a tuition reduction. Through the Women Who Code initiative, female-identifying Black students may receive financial aid of £500 or $700 specifically to assist with their tuition expenses.

Grand Circus Scholarship – $1,750

Grand Circus employs scholarships to foster diversity within their program and the broader tech industry. Consider these options they offer:

  1. NCWIT Full and Partial Scholarships for Women and Gender Non-Conforming: Available to those identifying as female, non-binary, or genderqueer in Michigan. Applicants can secure either a full or partial scholarship, requiring application through both Grand Circus and the NCWIT scholarship program.
  2. The Grand Circus Diversity Scholarship is aimed at students from underrepresented groups aspiring to join the tech sector. Eligibility extends to individuals identifying as women, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Native American, Black, or Veterans, with recipients receiving $1,750 in aid.

Hackbright Academy Scholarships – 50% off Tuition

Hackbright Academy is dedicated to empowering women in the tech sphere. Notably, the Hackbright Phenomenal Women Scholarship offers two 50% scholarships to women showcasing technical talent and aspiring to pursue a career as a software engineer.

Scholarships in Computer Science

A computer science degree unlocks diverse career paths, from business analysts to research and development scientists, information security analysts, and software testers. For women interested in pursuing a computer science degree, numerous scholarship opportunities cater to their aspirations. Here are a few to get familiar with:

LoadView Women in Computing Scholarship – $1,000

Dotcom-Monitor aims to assist women pursuing an undergraduate computer science degree by providing a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving applicant. Eligible candidates must be enrolled full-time at a university in the US or Canada and have either declared their major or completed two semesters studying computer science or a related field.

Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) – $2,500

Since its inception in 2007, Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) has been instrumental in nurturing women’s careers in the technology domain. Through the WITS program, VIP not only offers technology deployment solutions and management consulting services but also champions diversity and inclusion within the industry.

The WITS program, designed to foster diversity, extends a $2,500 award to women aspiring to venture into management information, information technology, computer science, and related fields. Eligible candidates should be enrolled or accepted into a 2 or 4-year program at a US college. Evaluation criteria encompass academic performance, community service, extracurricular engagements, leadership experience, and essay responses.

Women in Tech Scholarships
Women in Tech Scholarships

General Women in STEM Scholarships

The STEM spectrum encompasses diverse fields and lucrative career paths, from geographers and environmental engineers to forensic scientists, accountants, and computer network architects. The array of professional opportunities for women in STEM is vast and promising. Numerous generous scholarships exist to support women in pursuing these rewarding careers.

Aysen Tunca Memorial Scholarship – $2,000

Female undergraduate students majoring in STEM fields are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates should be in their sophomore or junior year, US citizens, and affiliated with the Society of Physics Students national organization. Although the scholarship primarily relies on merit, preference is granted to students who are the first in their families pursuing STEM studies, facing financial hardship, or have overcome significant obstacles in their educational pursuits.

BHW Scholarship – $3,000

The BHW Group, headquartered in Austin, Texas, extends a scholarship opportunity to female college students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in mathematics, engineering, technology, or science.

Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship – $3,000

Female candidates worldwide are eligible to apply for this $3,000 scholarship, provided they are enrolled as undergraduates at accredited four-year colleges or universities, pursuing majors in engineering, mathematics, or physical and biological sciences.

Science Ambassador Scholarship – Up to Full Tuition

This scholarship not only offers potential full tuition coverage but also spares applicants from essay requirements. Candidates are requested to produce a three-minute video on a STEM topic of their choice and upload it to YouTube. Developed by the creators of Cards Against Humanity, this scholarship is designed for women in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), also featuring partial scholarship opportunities.

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Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship – $7,000

Established in 2010, this scholarship aims to bolster women advancing in technology careers. Sponsored by Palantir, a software development firm, it seeks to foster female leaders contributing to STEM fields. In the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year, they’ll grant 10 scholarships worth $7,000 each. Recipients will also gain access to a virtual workshop enabling engagement with the company’s engineers, breakout discussions, and professional development sessions.

Eligibility requires residence in North America, enrollment in an undergraduate program, identification as a woman, and a major in software engineering, computer science, or a related field. Previous awardees are ineligible. While the 2021 scholarship window has concluded, stay tuned for updates on the 2022 scholarship program.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

This initiative provides scholarships specifically for female-identifying individuals pursuing studies in computer science, engineering, or engineering technology. Eligible applicants can be enrolled in an ABET-accredited program at a community college, university, or graduate school. To qualify, you should plan on full-time attendance and submit transcripts in English. Notably, if you’ve already received full funding for tuition, books, and fees, you won’t be eligible.

Upon confirming eligibility, visit the scholarship’s online portal to complete your profile, verify contact information, and fill out the application. Remember, you’ll need a faculty and personal reference.

Amidst increasing living costs, organizations recognize the importance of merit and need-based student funding. Women aiming to pursue STEM education are urged to seize these scholarship opportunities. These avenues aim to support them in obtaining a degree, entering the workforce, and potentially assuming leadership roles in the industry. If interested in a STEM career, visit the provided websites to confirm eligibility and apply. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the scholarship coordinator or support email for any assistance throughout the application process; they’re available to guide you.

Conclusion on women in tech scholarships

Women in tech scholarships are not just financial aids; they’re transformative opportunities propelling diversity and innovation in the tech industry. These scholarships stand as pillars, fostering inclusivity and paving the way for aspiring women to excel in STEM fields. 

With a multitude of avenues available, these scholarships signify more than monetary support; they signify a commitment to empowering women to break barriers, achieve their academic goals, and become future leaders in the dynamic world of technology.


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