The rivalry between McLaren and Alpine Formula 1 just got serious

McLaren and Alpine are separated by just four points in the Formula 1 designer’s stanzas, and the Oscar Piastre debacle has intensified the rivalry.

year 2022 Formula 1 The season has been a disappointment so far in the eyes of McLaren followers. Daniel Ricciardo hasn’t turned into the competitive driver in past seasons with Red Bull and Renault, Lando Norris showed his frustration with the MCL36, and the car had a hard time competing at a distance with Red Bull’s top three teams, Ferrari. , and Mercedes.

On the other hand AlpsThe season has been quite successful. Both drivers have finished points in seven races, Fernando Alonso qualified a stunning second in Montreal, and the car showed glimpses of surprising speed despite still lagging behind the top three teams.

That’s the fact that Alpine has a four-point lead over McLaren in fourth place in constructor order99-95, holding one of the closest matches between teams to watch after the summer break. The two teams view each other as the main threat on racing weekends, and the performances of the cars are similar.

And while it is practically impossible for any team to move to third place, the stakes could not be higher.

The difference between fourth and fifth place in the ranking can be millions of dollars. However, there may be an even bigger prize at stake for the winner: commitment Oscar Bistriethe talented young Australian who is set to join Formula 1 next year, but has not yet signed a contract with any team.

Tuesday, Alpine announced on Twitter That Piastre will be promoted to their vacant seat next season. In response to the announcement, Piastre dropped the statement and said he had not signed a contract with Alpine for the 2023 season. He also stated that he would not be racing with the team next year.

The tweet, which garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments, turned the world of Formula 1 upside down. It also left the Alps scrambling for another option to fill the seat that Alonso had left open He announced his move to Aston Martin next Sebastian Vettel retires.

Biastri’s reaction led many to speculate about it He was in discussions with McLaren to take Ricciardo’s seat. Ricciardo, whose contract runs until the 2023 season, had reached a mutual agreement with team boss Zak Brown to stay for next season. If Piastre is truly interested in a seat at McLaren, Ricciardo will have to move next year.

So can McLaren really criticize the Alpine Biastri? Or will the French team still be able to woo the 2021 Formula 2 champion?

While the real motive for Piastre’s saying he won’t be with Alpine next season is unknown, Alpine will certainly see him as a slap in the face if McLaren snatches him away. Interestingly, Ricciardo may have the opportunity to return to the Alps, should he lose his current seat to the younger Australian.

If Alpine wants any chance of convincing Piastri to sign them for 2023, the least they need to do is prove to the world that they can beat McLaren in the manufacturers’ standings.

The last time Alpine outperformed McLaren was in 2018, when the team was still known as Renault. The fourth year in a row with McLaren’s lead is sure to crush any desire that Piastre had to sign with Albin.

The pressure continues on both teams to finish the season strong. The person who comes out on top may be able to change the future of their team for years to come.