The official art of Doctor Strange 2 shows a brutal deleted scene with Wanda

As fans’ eyes turn towards the end of Marvel Studios’ theatrical year in Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverNo one can/should not forget the start of the year for the MCU on the big screen. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness 2022 kicked off at the box office for the Hollywood giant, featuring a reality-spanning adventure under the titles Stephen Strange of Benedict Cumberbatch, America Chavez of Zochitel Gomez, and Wanda Maximoff of Elizabeth Olsen.

Wanda was in the heart Mom, She played a villainous role for the first time since her first appearance in 2015 in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In a movie created as an ultra-powerful flick, the Scarlet Witch presented several concerns.

whether Brutally killed various Avengers, or putting her bones back in place after crawling out of a reversal, Wanda ramped up the horror factor tenfold in the Multiversal sequel. But some recently discovered comics revealed that it could have been a more fun time.

Mordo meets Wanda at Doctor Strange Art

According to new Instagram share From Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Storyboard artist Jimmy Simser, the film originally showed a brutal scene in which Wanda held his severed head Dr. Gharib Mordoo villain.

It has been reported Mom Originally opened with Scarlet Witch Going to full executioner on Karl Mordo for Chiwetel Ejiofor from Earth-616, this deleted scene would have seen Wanda summon the split head of the character over Mount Wundagore.

Doctor Strange 2 Headless Scene Mordue

The comics show the scarlet chub conjuring Mordo’s skull, then cheering “There is another person who threatened me!”

The Instagram post came along with a comment asking, “Have you ever wondered what happened to Universe 616 Mordo?” Simser answers his question with, “Until very late in the process, this is what happened to him:”

All wondering what happened to Universe 616 Mordo? Well, until so late in the process, that’s what happened to him! It’s always interesting to get involved while the story gets refined during my comic. Who knows what Mordo’s ultimate fate might be? Not me. Deleted scenes do not count!

(Note – I’ve read several interviews where writer Michael Waldron spoke directly about this deleted scene, so I feel it’s safe to post this)”

Why was Wanda Mordo killed?

For any fans questioning the legality of this scene, this is it It’s not the first time that headless suppliers have been bred Where Multiverse of madness The initial release. Sure, the other cases were referring to a supposedly deleted opening scene, and the storyboard above shows a sequence that would have happened later in the movie.

But both scenes were likely in the movie at some point and were intertwined. By cutting off one, the other came to be cut off.

And it kind of makes sense why This is death suppliers He did not eventually reach the final cut. In a movie that features a full blow of gory violence, this would likely be a long way from Marvel.

Much of the brutality seen in Sam Raimi’s debut in the MCU is implied. When Captain Carter was split in half by WandaHer body is out of focus, and all that’s visible is a blood-stained shield. The sequence shown above (combined with the cut opener) looks a bit stark. Getting the head of a popular Marvel character for audiences may not have been what Marvel Studios wanted in their blockbuster summertime movie.

In addition, one must not forget that certainly Kevin Feige and his colleagues still have plans for Chiwetel Ejiofor Karl Mordo in the MCU.