Thursday, January 12, 2023
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The Family Chantel’s Nicole Jimeno Calls Out Pedro’s Critics

After turning his Instagram comments back on, the Family Chantel star Pedro's sister Nicole has her brother's back amid intense criticism from fans. Pedro Jimeno...
The Family Chantel Pedro Takes Dig At Chantel & Critics In Rap Video

The Family Chantel: Pedro Takes Dig At Chantel & Critics In Rap Video

Pedro Jimeno from 90 Day Fiancé returns to social media to rebrand himself. He posts a sassy video on Instagram to seemingly call out...

The Family Chantel: River Shares Sweet Message For Winter’s Birthday

Winter Everett is celebrating her birthday, and The Family Chantel star is being lavished with praise by her younger brother River Everett. Winter Everett has...

The Family Chantel: What Pedro Jimeno Did During Summer 2022

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno had a messy divorce on The Family Chantel. However, this hasn't stopped Pedro from living his life over the summer. Pedro...

Why The Family Chantel Fans Can’t Stand Pedro’s Mom Lidia Jimeno

The Family Chantel star Lidia Jimeno is facing backlash. Viewers can't stand Pedro Jimeno's mom anymore, and they have many reasons for disliking her. The...

Family Chantel: Winter Shows Weight Loss In Rare Full-Body Dance Video

After dropping more than 100 pounds, Winter Everett impresses The Family Chantel viewers with her powerful dance moves to Beyoncé's famous song. The Family Chantel star...

The Family Chantel: What Job Chantel Everett Does For A Living In 2022

The Family Chantel's biggest star Chantel works hard to earn cash from various sources, while dealing with a divorce from Pedro, who calls her...

The Family Chantel: Chantel Proves She’s a Hard Working ‘Survivor’

After partying hard in Jamaica, The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett enjoys her highly demanding, full-time job as a nurse practitioner. Chantel Everett from The Family...

The Family Chantel: River Teases Music Video Starring Chantel & Family

The Family Chantel might be dominated by marital drama between Chantel and Pedro Jimeno, but River Everett is busy releasing new music. Chantel Jimeno has...

The Family Chantel: What Does Nicole Jimeno Do For Work In 2022

The Family Chantel's Nicole Jimeno is known for being Pedro's snarky and mean younger sister, but the villain actually has a real job outside...