EPA: Chemical in medical device cleaner poses cancer risk

Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency is warning residents who live near medical sterilization plants in 13 states and Puerto Rico About the possibilities health Emissions hazards of ethylene oxide, a chemical widely used in its operations. Laredo, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; The Environmental Protection Agency said Lakewood, Colorado, is among the communities facing the highest … Read more

Jonathan Neese and Bo Negrin bid for Navajo presidency | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by FELICIA FONSECA – Associated Press FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (AP) – Voters from the Navajo Nation will see familiar faces in the tribe’s general election: their current chief and a former vice presidential candidate, both of whom were on the ballot in 2018. President Jonathan Nez and Beau Negren garnered the most votes in Tuesday’s … Read more

The study found that the genome of the fruit fly contains the complete genomes of a type of bacteria

The Drosophila genome is not only made up of Drosophila DNA—at least of one species of Drosophila. New research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Institute of Genomic Sciences (IGS) (UMSOM) shows that a single species of Drosophila contains the complete genomes of a type of bacteria, making this finding the largest transfer … Read more

Biden tests positive for COVID-19, returns to isolation | Health, medicine and fitness

By ZEKE MILLER and JOSH BOAK – Associated Press Washington (AFP) – President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again on Saturday, just over three days after he contracted it. Disinfected to get out of corona virus isolationsaid the White House, in rare case From “rebound” after treatment with an antiviral drug. White House physician … Read more

WWF report says online wildlife trade is on the rise in Myanmar

Written by Eileen Kortenbach, Business Writer at AP Bangkok (AFP) – Illegal online purchases of wildlife are increasing in Myanmar, threatening public health and endangered species, a report by the World Wildlife Fund shows. The report released on Friday found that enforcement of the ban on such transactions has weakened amid political turmoil after the … Read more

US official says Biden and Xi could meet in person | Health, medicine and fitness

By Chris Mejerian, Zeke Miller, and Elaine Knickler – Associated Press A senior US administration official said after the two leaders spent more than two hours Thursday talking about the future of their complex relationship, with the tension clearing up. Taiwan It reappears as a flash point. Biden made the phone call from the Oval … Read more