Earn $2000 in Monthly Retirement Profits in 3 Easy Steps | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Stephon Walters) Unfortunately for many people, one source of retirement income will not be enough to sustain their lifestyle; It will take a multi-angle approach. Although some of the more obvious options for retirement income might be a 401(k) plan, IRAs, and Social Security, one underrated source of income is dividend payments. Dividends are usually … Read more

The study found that the genome of the fruit fly contains the complete genomes of a type of bacteria

The Drosophila genome is not only made up of Drosophila DNA—at least of one species of Drosophila. New research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Institute of Genomic Sciences (IGS) (UMSOM) shows that a single species of Drosophila contains the complete genomes of a type of bacteria, making this finding the largest transfer … Read more

Co-founders sue each other over the future of local table grape growers | News

An escalating legal battle between the founders of the Bakersfield Vineyard could have lasting effects on Kern County’s top-crop growers. International Fruit Genetics LLC filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing co-founder Jack Pandol and his company, Shafter-based Grapery, of appropriating trade secrets to plan a competition operation with an unfair market advantage. Grapery’s CEO has denied … Read more