How SolarEdge plans to increase market share in Europe

Solar Edge Shares fell this week after the company’s shares fell Second Quarter Results Showed that margins from factory closures, higher transportation costs, and currency headwinds from a weaker euro were hurting. But SolarEdge Chief Financial Officer Ronin Fire said lower margins now are the price to pay for long-term growth in a market where … Read more

Zelensky says the first grain ship “nothing” and the economy is in a coma

Inspection of a ship carrying grain from Ukraine in Turkey The ship bound for Lebanon crosses the Bosphorus strait The shipment is the first of its kind to leave Ukraine in wartime But the Ukrainian leader says more is needed Kyiv urgently needs to ship 10 million tons to cut the deficit Kyiv/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – … Read more

Russia accuses the United States of a direct role in the Ukraine war, grain ships docked off the Turkish coast

Official says Ukraine is consulting with the US on the use of HIMARS bombers The suspension prompts the Kremlin to accuse the United States of direct involvement Ukraine’s first wartime grain export ship arrives in the Bosphorus strait US sanctions target ex-Olympic gymnast seen as close to Putin ISTANBUL/LONDON (Reuters) – Russia on Tuesday accused … Read more

Russia faces ‘economic forgetfulness’ despite short-term resilience

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with parliamentary leaders in Moscow, Russia on July 7, 2022. Alexey Nikolsky | Sputnik | Reuters Several economists said that Russia faces “economic forgetfulness” in the long run due to international sanctions and corporate flight. The International Monetary Fund last week raised Russia’s GDP estimate for 2022 by … Read more

Coal consumption expected to return to record levels for 2013: International Energy Agency

Coal prices are on the rise, and global coal consumption is expected to return to the record levels it reached in nearly 10 years as the global energy supply crisis continues. Analysts say that while investors in coal stocks spend a field day thanks to rising coal prices, restrictions on carbon emissions are easing as … Read more

How Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns got away with it

Ugh.Clarification: Getty Images The Cleveland Browns went all out and won. This wasn’t a Las Vegas card count or a George Clooney-like plot in one of those “Ocean’s 11” movies. It was a strategy calculated from the jump. Cleveland didn’t play the odds, they just played the guy. Because despite their looks, they knew they … Read more

NextEra Energy and 5 other utility stocks provide security and growth in a chaotic market

Contractors working on photovoltaic modules at an AES solar farm in Brazil. John Rories/Bloomberg font size Sometimes utilities stocks can feel quite drowsy, and that can be a relief when the markets get chaotic. But you should not overlook the potential for growth that can add some vigor to an already attractive sector. The Utilities … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Biden EPA Tackles Coal Carbon With Other Pollutants Rules

GUAYAMA, Puerto Rico, July 29 (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans to use new restrictions on traditional pollutants such as ozone and coal ash to help encourage retirement of the country’s remaining coal-fired power plants, after the Supreme Court imposed limits on the agency’s ability to enforce regulations. Climate inclusive, according to EPA … Read more

Hysteria and greed make expensive energy policies that won’t save the planet

Those pushing for more action — and more money — to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are a lot like Dr. Smith on the 1960s TV series Lost in Space: “We’re doomed, I say!” Last week, President Joe Biden claimed that climate change “is literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger.” United Nations Secretary-General António … Read more

Russia cuts gas flows further as it urges Europe to save energy

FRANKFURT/LONDON (Reuters) – Russia delivered less gas to Europe on Wednesday in another escalation in the face of an energy crisis between Moscow and the European Union that will make it difficult for the European Union to fill up more expensive stocks. Before the winter heating season. Cut off supplies, indicated by Gazprom (GAZP.MM) Earlier … Read more