Selling The OC’s Alexandra Rose Blocked By Castmates on Social Media


Selling the OC cast member Alexandra Rose reveals that she has been blocked on social media by a few of her ca

Selling The OC debuted on Netflix with plenty of drama that continues to erupt after its premier as cast member Alexandra Rose claims that she has been blocked on social media by a few of her castmates. Throughout the season, the 26-year-old is seen having run-ins and spats with other coworkers, including Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona. Now it appears that their office feuds have seeped into social media.

The Selling Sunset spin-off series follows twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim as they open their new real estate office in Orange County and includes plenty of dramatic storylines about the new agents. The cast includes 11 hard-charging realtors eager to make their mark in the real estate market of The OC while working with the O Group. Like its sister shows, Selling The OC’s cast includes tight friends, but also its fair share of antagonists.

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During an episode of E! News’ Down in the DMs digital series, Rose revealed that her fight with castmates has now translated to social media with one person blocking her and two others unfollowing her. Rose summed it up by saying, “So, there’s three other people that just don’t like me.” While she didn’t specifically say who the three people were, viewers can assume that at least one of them was Polly Brindle because of the sly comments made during Down in the DMs about “people that you just don’t want in your peripheral.

Throughout season 1, Rose and Alexandra Jarvis felt that the other agents didn’t like the two of them because of their success, reminding each other that “the loudest people in the room are the weakest.” Castmate Alex Hall said in a confessional that the atmosphere in the office changes when Jarvis and Rose are there because of their shaky relationships with the other agents. Rose also claimed that coworkers spread rumors about her only getting listings because she was sleeping with real estate developers.

Clearly, huge claims are being made by the Selling The OC cast members about each other, and Rose is not immune to the criticism and outlandish claims. She isn’t on good terms with all of her castmates, as is apparent with three of them blocking or unfollowing her on social media. Luckily, Rose doesn’t seem to be too greatly affected by this and continues to strive for success with Jarvis while mostly ignoring the deprecating comments.

Selling The OC season 1 is available now on Netflix.


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