Rojkind arquitectos enters the metaverse with a surreal tequila distillation

Rojkind arquitectos designs metadistillery in the metaverse

For Jose Cuervo Tequila, Rojkind Arquitectos Enters metaverse It presents the first completed metadata project, Metadistillery. In collaboration with a group of experts and designers specializing in digital experiences, Rojkind Arquitectos designs an online 3D parallel world in a video game-like scenario. Here, individuals can adapt an alternate identity to enjoy a range of activities that extend beyond the typical enjoyment of tequila distillation. José Cuervo Metadistillery’s natural interior architecture, combined with futuristic virtual elements, the expansive structural form is inspired by the roots of the agave plant, which symbolizes both tequila and the importance of Mexican traditions and cultures. When observed, the plant core evokes feelings of protection and unification, which are reflected in the architects’ aspiration to harness the power of the metaverse to create a structural center around which individuals can form stronger bonds in a distinct game-like game. Virtual Reality environment, promoting an inclusive society in the new social context.

Floating platforms in the metaverse surreal tequila distillery by Rojkind arquitectos foster virtual social bonds
The spacious structure of the distillery is inspired by the aloe vera plant

All images courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos

The surreal video game-like scenario reinforces social bonds

Exploring the huge potential that design represents in digital environments, its presence in the imagination of millions of people, and its immediate accessibility through electronic devices, Rojkind Arquitectos contemplates a more active participation of architecture and design in virtual environments, particularly in new digital scenarios, such as metaverses, Appear. Having long played with design approaches to intangible reality, with the José Cuervo Metadistillery project, architects respond to the function of objects in relation to human needs in specific contexts, while creating unique intangible experiences through objects and nature. Mexico City-based company An approach to building a Metadistillery metaverse system begins by questioning the traditional architecture and design methods used to design physical spaces. Designers extend the disciplinary frontiers of design into digital spaces, creating new unique experiences and understanding architecture in a virtual context.

“The building is logical because of its program, physical location, and construction technology; but for a person, what is memorable is the view, the effect of light, or the experience of visiting, Rojkind Arquitectos notes. Inside the Metadistillery, the architects create a futuristic and somewhat surreal distillery, dividing the space into different platforms and floating areas, each programmed with a different activity. They create an unforgettable, vibrant and interactive experience where users can acquire an alternate identity to enjoy the unique and new social context. Upon entering, visitors are met with an eerie display of tequila bottles surrounding a ring of fire. Elsewhere is a garden of blue agave fields with a luminous center, a suspended pond for playing volleyball while floating in the air, and a cylindrical maze to test guests’ visual-spatial skills. A tall glass filter gate spreads throughout the entire structure, creating a bar to enhance social interactions.

Floating platforms in the metaverse surreal tequila distillery by Rojkind arquitectos foster virtual social bonds
Rojkind Arquitectos builds a vibrant interactive social experience where users can take on an alternate identity

Floating platforms in the metaverse surreal tequila distillery by Rojkind arquitectos foster virtual social bonds
A long glass filter gate spreads across the entire structure, resulting in a rod

Jose Cuervo Mettadistelleri
As if in a video game, visitors can enjoy a game of volleyball in a floating pool

Jose Cuervo Mettadistelleri
The project harnesses the power of the metaverse in an environment where individuals can form stronger bonds