Pittsburgh Steelers Sign WR Diontae Johnson Contract Extension

Pittsburgh – Deontay Johnson He got his deal.

After a week of waiting at a Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, the wide receiver and team hit a two-year extension averaging $18.355 million per year, sources told ESPN’s Adam Shifter and Kimberly Martin.

The deal, which is worth up to $39.5 million if he comes up with incentives, includes a guaranteed $27 million. Johnson, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, will become a free agent in 2025.

“It was a relief to me,” Johnson said with a smile on Thursday. “Just being able to get it done, just being back out there with my brothers is a blessing. I’m happy.”

Johnson said the Steelers offered him the contract on Wednesday night, and after praying and speaking with his agent, teammates and family, he decided to sign the deal Thursday morning.

The Steelers announced Johnson’s extension on Thursday but did not disclose the financial terms. The team called him a three-year contract, including this year with a two-year extension.

Johnson, 26, was the last remaining of the 2019 broad draft class after that Debo Samuel And the DK Metcalfe I got stretches earlier in training camp. Johnson said on Thursday he was willing to stay until the first week if no deal was reached between the two sides.

“I felt it was time,” Johnson said of signing his contract. “I’m ready to go back, and run that train.”

Johnson didn’t get the same kind of monster extensions as many of his fellow 2019 receivers — some getting deals worth about $25 million a year — but the Steelers’ receiver wasn’t bitter.

Metcalf and the Seattle Seahawks agreed a three-year extension worth $72 million last week, while Samuel and San Francisco49 agreed a three-year extension worth a maximum of $73.5 million Sunday, sources told Shifter.

“You see the numbers, but I haven’t tried to look into everyone’s pockets,” Johnson said. “They deserve it. At the end of the day, I can’t control what’s going on. I just worry about what happened. We were able to come up with something, and I’m glad we were able to come to the table and get something done.”

Days before agreeing to the extension, general manager Omar Khan confirmed that the team wants Johnson to remain Stiller.

“We want Deontay, and we’re excited to have Deontay as part of this team,” Khan said on Tuesday. “Hopefully he’ll be a Stiller for a long time.”

Johnson, who reported back to training camp on time, was participating in one-on-one drills and working one-on-one with a staff member during team periods. He gradually engaged in more periods with the quarterback throwing, but was fully back in training on Thursday.

“It’s an important piece,” said coach Mike Tomlin. “He did a good job keeping in touch throughout the process. His train left the station today. I imagine it wouldn’t be much of a commute in terms of his speed. I know he was excited about work today.”

Johnson led the Steelers with 1,161 yards in 107 receptions last season and launched in eight touchdowns as the goal of retired midfielder Ben Roethlisberger.

With Johnson signing just a two-year extension, the team closed in on its top target for the near future while retaining long-term flexibility. The shorter deal reflects a similar approach the team took this off-season in signing the quarterback Mitch Trubeskycorrect processing Chokuma Okurafor And inside the back Jack Milesamong other things.

“I’d love to be a Stiller,” Johnson said. “I want to end my career here…I feel I made the right decision, and I want to continue to stay here for a long time.”