Jimmy Johnson Responds to Jerry Jones’ Comments on Ring of Honor Cowboys

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson may be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the Cowboys’ ring of honor is still a long way off. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Sunday in an interview with Newy Scruggs Channel 5, that Johnson will be placed in the ring of honor. The conditions weren’t right yet.

Johnson’s gone Dan LeBatard show with Stugotz to briefly discuss his ongoing feud with Jones, and Jones’ final comment from Sunday saying, “It’s not, after all, determined about whether or not Jimmy is crying.”

That’s what Johnson said.

Answers have been modified for length and brevity.

Johnson: “I had to look up this word in the dictionary. I don’t know I cried before. Did you ever remember me crying?”

No, it’s not a word I’d like to associate with you. Also, you might want to be in the Ring of Honor, but like I said, Jimmy kind of likes in the Keys. It would be a little painful (expletive) to get up and go there. It’d be as sentimental as the Hall of Fame, because it doesn’t actually need to honor you, but it looks like it could put the finer details here and put your name on the Ring of Honor. Do you think he will do that before you die?

Johnson: Well, that’s what I said on the show. He said he’d do it because he told me six times he let me in. That’s when I said ‘While I’m alive.’ You can never say for sure. That’s his decision.

“The only thing is, if he does that, everyone will stop talking about it.”

I don’t think I’m speaking for you here, Jimmy, I buy you’re more confused than anything, do I?

Johnson: “Let’s see. I think I’m in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Is this the final, you know? I’m happy where I am. I don’t have any deep feelings like, ‘Oh, I have to do this.'” I have to do that. “

What is your regret over the end of all this? Because you could not have ended up with the Miami Dolphins. What would have happened if I had stayed in the relationship?

Johnson: “You know, Dan, and I think that’s the good part of the book swagger. I’m in the best relationship I’ve seen with my family at the moment. My sons are very successful, very happy. You’ve got a great marriage now. I used to say that the most enjoyable time of my life was the last four years I spent at the University of Miami. It was a wonderful time. Of course, we were independent and had a schedule where we would play with the top teams in the country every two weeks and we would kick their ass. I mean, it was a ball. But I changed. The most enjoyable time of my life wasn’t those years at the University of Miami. The most enjoyable time of my life is now.”

There is real learning in that. Jimmy, you’ve done things of profound wisdom for life because you found your way to happiness. I see you. You make a sound when you think of the man you were, or should have been. (expletive) It should be.

Johnson: Bill Belichick, one of the years he came down after his first Super Bowl, and he says, ‘Jimmy, what’s the hardest thing I have to overcome after this first time? And I said, Well, obviously, complacency. They’re not going to work hard. I’ll give you a perfect example. Joe Brodsky, whom I loved to death, was my running coach and he’s no longer with us. But he did a great job with our backs. Well, after our first Super Bowl, Emmitt Smith held the first two weeks because that’s what happens. Everyone in the organization. The secretary wants a raise. The video guy wants a raise. All the players want new contracts. All the coaches want to do it. People write books and TV shows. Anyway, Emmitt held out for two weeks. Well Emmitt is back and then Joe, he was just wearing rookie Derrick Lassic outside when running in. But Emmitt was standing to the side, and he wasn’t getting any work done.

Hi, Lassic is fine, but get Emmitt there and get him ready to play. Joe looked at me and said, ‘Coach, he’s a veteran’. He’ll be fine on Sunday. I said fine, Sunday, my ass. Get him there and get him ready to play. That’s what happens. Even the assistant coaches tolerate these guys. They become friends who don’t push them too hard. I told Bill, you’re the only guy with the hammer. Hammer on the guys. Hammer on the wagons. You have to demand that they improve. Because everyone will have a target on your back. Everyone will be after you. They will be better prepared this year than they were last year. So you have to be better than you were a year ago if you are going to win again.”

Jimmy, what would you say to Dolphins fans that suits you Stephen Ross chasing Tom Brady? Throughout the league, there’s a lot of small talk happening, messing around here and there. I’m a Dolphins fan and I was like, ‘Hey, Stephen Ross walks for that. I wasn’t mad at him.’

Johnson: “Well, it’s good to be passionate and want to get better, and also buy you rules. I made the mistake of my first job when I went to the Dallas Cowboys. I knew nothing about messing around. I called Don Capers, who I knew, and talked to him about being in the My defensive staff. Well, he was under contract with the New Orleans Saints and so I switched to the league to rig. I didn’t know the rules. You can be passionate, work hard and try to improve, but you have to follow the rules.”

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Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson, the never-ending Cowboys feud

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