How a 46-year-old woman discovered her husband is gay after seven years of marriage without intercourse — Businesswoman

How a 46-year-old woman discovered her husband is gay after seven years of marriage

A Nigerian businesswoman, Valencia Poise, has narrated the tragic story of how her female friend discovered that her husband of seven years is gay.

Valencia, in a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, shared the story in light of the scandal between Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo and his estranged fiancé, Fancy Acholonu.

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Recall that Fancy recently disclosed that Alex refused to be intimate with her for the 5 years they dated for “religious reasons”.

Fancy, an America-based model, also revealed how Alex encouraged her to sleep with other men because he didn’t want to have sex with her, which raised speculations about his sexuality.

46-year-old woman discovered



Reacting to the controversy, Valencia relayed how her 46-year-old friend found out that her deceitful husband was gay after seven years of marriage without sex.

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Read the lengthy story below,

“I didn’t want to weigh in on this Fancy Achalonu issue but when I read her interview on Stella Dimoko Korkus page this morning and then I got a call from my friend who asked me to share her experience, I just have to write this.

Like I said, this is a true life story that happened to my very close friend, she got married at the age of 38 and left the marriage at the age of 45, that’s is after 7 years. The husband during their 3 months courtship convinced her to stay celibate claiming to be a good Christian and she was happy about it as such stance translates to ‘good man’ for most people. The lady waited faithfully for her husband till he finally married her both traditionally and in church after 3 months of courtship. You would think he would consummate the marriage but he did not, he lied to her that he had an accident few months back that affected his waist and was still healing from the surgeries. Another waiting journey started, it was so bad that this man took her to a doctor to soothe her fears, the crooked doctor assured her all was well and that the husband only needed a little more to fully recover before he can perform his martial duties. Coming from a licensed doctor, you would think it was true but it was all a plan between her husband and the doctor to fool her. She kept waiting for the acclaimed waist injuries to heal.

After 3 and half years of waiting for the injuries to heal, the husband came home one day and bought her sex toys and told her that he can see she’s been patient with him for 3 and half years, he told her she can use the dildos he bought and if she want a real man, she is allowed to date any man of her choice but his only condition was that he wouldn’t want to know the man she is sleeping with.

When she told me the story then, I told her that it was a setup and she shouldn’t consider it, that since she has been patient all the while, she might as well wait it out and trust God to heal him so he wouldn’t accuse her of infidelity. She agreed and kept living that way , friends and relatives were giving her unsolicited infertility treatment options thinking she had fertility problem as the marriage has failed to produce a child, not knowing that her husband has never slept with her. She would attend all manner of prayer meetings, visited uncountable churches including mountain of Fire, sought for prophets, fasted uncountable times and would even pray on NSPPD where she was looking for solution for her husband’s ‘waist problem’, crying out to God to heal him.

I was fervently trusting God with her until June 2022 when I got a distress call from her one morning on my way to work, she was crying and sounded devasted. I asked her what the problem was and she said I should hurry over to her house that it was an emergency but I couldn’t as I was hurrying to a work for a meeting. I asked her what it was and she said she caught her husband pants down with a guy in their matrimonial home.
Imagine the height of wickedness, wasting someone’s daughter’s time for good 7 years, 7 years of courtship and marriage without sex and ofcourse without a child.

She told me that after she had called me, that she spoke to another friend of hers who told her that rather than leave the marriage as a divorcee she should come out as a widow, her friend told her to kill him for being so heartless and deceitful with her and wasting her time. I clearly told her I will not be a party to killing anyone no matter their crime but I encouraged her to go to her family, open up to and tell them her story, the whole truth, then leave the marriage in one piece. I knew she needed a fresh start, so I asked her to get me her passport and choose any country of her choice to she would want to relocate to and I will help get her the visa. That was exactly what she did, she left the marriage and she is no longer in this country as I write this. She has started life afresh with nothing for all her years in marriage, if her ex-husband had not wasted her time maybe she might have married another man and had her own beautiful family by now.”

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