Family criticizes Fairfax police for shooting mentally ill man

Newly released Bodycam footage shows Fairfax County police shooting 26-year-old Jasper Aaron Lynch inside the McLean, Virginia home.

The visual, released Thursday by the department, begins with redacted 911 calls from the July 7 incident.

“We have a family member here who has had some psychotic breaks,” the caller says. “He’s here right now. He’s throwing some stuff in right now, so if we could get a transmission that would be really helpful.”

When officers arrive at the house located in Building 6900 of Arbor Lane, shortly after 7 p.m., they can be seen talking with family members outside the house.

According to Fairfax County Sheriff Kevin Davis, officers responded with a crisis intervention team along with a doctor, but were initially unable to find Lynch. After making another call to 911 around 8:45 p.m., officers were able to find him inside the house from which both calls originated.

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Police said a family friend called them because they were worried about Lynch’s safety.

Bodycam footage shows the disturbing confrontation with Lynch indoors.

On one hand, Lynch can be seen holding a bottle of wine, and on the other hand is a tribal mask. The video is enlarged to clearly show both objects.

Officers can be heard repeatedly telling Lynch to put things aside. Someone says, “It’s okay, Bud.”

Lynch ignores the demands, throws the mask at the officers, then runs after them swinging a bottle. The tasers were fired several times by two officers, and the third officer later fired his gun – wounding Lynch four times.

“I think it’s safe to say that they were several feet apart and that both slits, if slit is the right word, should strike to take effect,” Davis said. “And our investigation will reveal whether these electric pistols came into play and, if not, why not.”

While no officers were injured during the shooting, Lynch was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pat, Kathy and Jasper Lynch

Shortly after the Fairfax County Police Department released the police Bodycam video, Jasper Lynch’s parents — Pat and Kathy Lynch — released a statement:

“Our son, Aaron, had a severe mental health crisis on July 7. He was frightened and asked for the 911 calls that were made that day. We believe the three police officers who answered the second 911 call could and should have dealt with This is something completely different.” “Responding to Aaron’s mental health crisis by shooting him absolutely, let alone multiple times, is inexcusable. We are aware that police officers, on occasion, face serious and unknown risks in the line of duty, but that was not the case for that call In our house regarding our son.Aaron was about 5’6″, slightly brown, and only carried a bottle and a decorative mask.

“As parents, we mourn the tragic loss of our son and are left with nothing but memories and regrets. Had we known there was any chance the police would respond to the second 911 call of lethal force against Aaron during a mental health crisis, he would not have shared them until a mental health counselor could be present, as It was the case to answer the first 911 call. We hope that our efforts to learn more about this incident will, in the future, help families in similar situations to avoid this tragic outcome.”

Police Chief Davis talked about why there was no doctor on that second call during a press conference.

The reason, he said, is that the department is still in the early stage of its crisis response program, and they currently only have one doctor — but they hope to add up to 15 more.

The officer who shot Lynch has been identified as Edward George, first class. He was placed in an administrative position.