Etisalat & E conducts its first 5G trial at 6GHz with Huawei

UAE telecom operator, whose brand name is etisalat by e&, has announced the successful completion of its first trial of the 6GHz spectrum, creating history by taking this massive step into the future of 5G, and opening a world of possibilities for next-generation technologies and the economics of a future.

This trial conducted using Huawei Technologies has been an integral part of today’s technological development as the full speed and capabilities of 5G rely on the mid-band spectrum which secures long-term performance and adds more capacity if needed. Here, 6 GHz plays an important role, especially given that the use of mobile technologies has grown exponentially, devices are becoming more powerful, and services are more diverse for both consumers and businesses. With bandwidth-hungry applications, the number of connected devices per person has also increased, which means that more bandwidth is needed to reduce service degradation and deliver a quality experience.

The 6GHz band is a mid-range frequency and is at a balance point between coverage and capacity, providing an ideal environment for 5G connectivity. Expanding the bandwidth of 5G by coordinating the 6GHz spectrum will provide more bandwidth and improve network performance. Furthermore, the wide, contiguous channels offered by the 6GHz band will reduce the need for network densification and make next-generation connectivity more accessible to all.

The focus on 6 GHz is also in line with Etisalat’s future roadmap by e& as part of the group’s e-transformation drive to become a global technology conglomerate. Its partnerships with global technology companies such as Meta are testament to the ongoing drive to innovate by working together on metaverse technologies, use cases integrating with the latest Meta products and solutions, digitizing the consumer channel, enhancing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and conversational commerce through its digital communications plans.

The metaverse will require seamless navigation enabled by large cellular networks that rely on mid-band spectrum such as the 6 GHz band. In this scenario, for example, the XR (Extended Reality) headset requires enough bandwidth on 5G smartphones to connect to these networks. At E & Telecom, there has been remarkable progress in the implementation of 5G and telecoms across the country.

Today’s 5G use cases are accelerating digital transformation across industries and sectors, unleashing new waves of innovation that will benefit billions. 5G networks and technologies underpin the next generation 4.0 industry and applications in healthcare and transportation, all based on bandwidth, coverage, and capacity.

With 6GHz, new 5G projects can bring innovative and creative applications to society through the fastest and most reliable mobile broadband. It thus enables new applications and services, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) to connect consumers and businesses at fiber-like speeds away from last-mile fibres, and next-generation industrial automation transformations, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving safety. In healthcare and transportation, speed and latency capabilities make advanced telemedicine with telesurgery possible, while connected transportation is enabled in tandem with high-efficiency POblic transport networks.

Khaled Murshid, Head of Technology and Information Division (CTIO), Telecom UAE
5G enables industry to support national digital transformation goals by providing reliable, high-capacity, low-latency, and broadband connectivity to consumers and industries. Metaverse opens untapped opportunities with highly personalized experiences powered by AI. The carriers will be the entry point into the metaverse because of connectivity and also because the customer wants access to a digital world. The future is powered by artificial intelligence and analytics, with the metaverse playing a role that has yet to be determined. This kind of technological disruption will create challenges but at the same time bring huge prospects to this dynamic industry.