Claim To Fame: L.C. Reveals What She Plans To Do With Grand Prize


L.C. won Claim To Fame and was revealed to be Loreal Palmer, Keke Palmer’s sister. Now she reveals what she wants to do with her $100,000 prize.

During the Claim To Fame season 1 finale, L.C. won the game and was revealed to be Keke Palmer’s sister, Loreal Chanel Palmer, and now she shares what she plans to do with the $100,000 prize money. L.C., who made it to the finale with Dean Martin’s granddaughter, Pepper Martin, and Jason Aldean’s cousin, Logan Crosby, was declared the winner when she correctly guessed Logan’s identity after he had eliminated Pepper by correctly guessing hers. During the game, L.C. and Logan were close allies throughout the game, helping each other uncover the identities of their fellow contestants.

Throughout a lot of Claim To Fame season 1, most of the contestants were convinced that L.C. was Laurence Fishburne’s daughter. They thought that the clues pointed in his direction and that L.C. bore a striking resemblance to him. This was partly because in episode 1, L.C. threw her fellow competitors off track when she lied and told them that her celebrity relative was her father. During the Claim To Fame season 1 finale, when all of the former contestants returned, they were shocked when she revealed that her relative was female during a Truth or Dare challenge. Once Claim To Fame viewers were informed of L.C.’s true identity, they had fun watching her continue to dupe her fellow contestants.

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In an interview with USA Today, L.C. revealed her plans for her Claim To Fame grand prize of $100,000. She said that she hopes to start her own production company and stated that she wants to make “indie horror movies.” L.C. shared that she is also a student studying creative writing, so she put her dream of starting the company “on the back burner and just focusing on school. But this could help me create some cool shorts to create that interest around me being a filmmaker.” In a People interview, L.C. went into more detail about her plans, stating that she wants to become the “next Wes Craven.” She explained, “He’s my idol. I am a huge fan of ’80s slashers, and I feel like so much of what’s out right now is so psychological or supernatural, and I just wanna bring back the good old fashion slasher.” L.C. also has plans to take her children to Disney World.

L.C. gained much more than money from her experience on Claim To Fame. In her USA Today interview, she explained how the show changed her. She shared that before this experience, she had “extreme social anxiety.” She said, “I used to have to–well, still do–have to talk myself into going to class or talk myself into just going to the grocery store. Now I’ve been on TV, everyone has seen all the faults that I try to hide, all the quirks that I try to hide. So part of me is like, anytime I want to talk myself out of doing something, like, ‘Oh, just order it on DoorDash,’ I tell myself, ‘No! You have been on TV in front of millions of people. You can walk into this grocery store where no one is even looking at you.'” Claim To Fame will not only help L.C. achieve her dream of starting a production company, but it also helped her to begin to overcome her social anxiety.

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L.C. had a beautiful transformation on Claim To Fame. As the show progressed, her confidence grew with it, and she eventually became the frontrunner in the competition. With her pop culture knowledge and superb social game, she was able to win challenges and navigate through alliances in order to secure her win. As she sets her sights on her future production company, this is only the beginning for L.C.


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