How Cindy Crawford Reacted To Niece Lark Being On Claim To Fame


On Claim to Fame, Lark was revealed to be Cindy Crawford’s niece. Now Lark reveals how the iconic supermodel reacted to her competing on the show.

Claim to Fame contestant Lark was revealed to be iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford’s niece, and, after her elimination, Lark revealed how her famous aunt reacted to her being on the show. Lark made it to the Final 4 of the competition because her fellow contestants believed that she was related to Martha Stewart for most of the season. Lark was able to keep them on the Martha Stewart track, until the competitions at the end began to reveal more and more obvious clues about Cindy.

Lark’s full name is Lark Skov. The 24-year-old’s mother is Cindy’s sister. During Claim to Fame, Lark was the Guesser twice. The first time, she was voted the Guesser by her fellow competitors and successfully removed X (Laverne Cox’s twin brother) from the game. The second time, Lark won a competition alongside Louise (Simone Biles’ sister), but the win did not come with the usual immunity from elimination. Therefore, they decided to make themselves the bottom two, and Lark was voted to be the Guesser. She then correctly guessed Amara (Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter) and sent her home. Lark was eliminated from the competition when Pepper (Dean Martin’s granddaughter) correctly guessed her identity with the help of eventual winner L.C. (Keke Palmer’s sister). When Lark was revealed, she said that she was “so lucky” to have Cindy in her life.

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In an interview with Newsweek, Lark shared how Cindy reacted to her being a contestant on Claim to Fame. She said that her famous aunt’s advice to her about the game was “just stay true to myself.” Lark explained that her whole family is “very competitive and really loves playing games together, but she wouldn’t have wanted me to do anything at the expense of who I am as a person.” Lark revealed that both Cindy and her daughter and Lark’s cousin, model and actress Kaia Gerber, watched the show. Lark said that, even though Cindy did not appear on the show, she played a big role in it, which was enjoyable for her aunt to watch. “I think it’s pretty fun for Cindy to see because she obviously wasn’t a part of the filming or the competition, so she has no idea what to expect, but she is very much involved and the show includes so much about her life and career,” she shared.

During the Claim to Fame lie detector challenge, Lark’s fellow contestants asked her if her celebrity relative was friends with Snoop Dogg because he and Martha Stewart have an unlikely close friendship. Lark replied no, but admitted that she was unsure if Cindy was friends with Snoop. In Lark’s interview, she shared Cindy’s reaction to the scene, saying, “The funniest text I got from her after an episode was after the lie detector challenge. She sent me some pictures of her and Snoop Dogg and said ‘I guess you didn’t know I was tight with Snoop.'”

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On Claim to Fame, Lark followed her aunt Cindy’s advice and stayed true to herself. She played the game with integrity and tried to stay true to her alliance members, even when they betrayed her. She surely made her family, including Cindy, very proud during the game. Lark played an impressive game of Claim to Fame.


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