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“Being a single mom comes with stigma” Flavor’s babymama, Anna Banner says, opens up on being discriminated by brands


Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013, Anna Banner has opened up on the challenges of being a single mum.

The mother of one, who has a daughter for singer Flavor, took to her Instagram story to comment on the discrimination and stigma single mothers face.

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She avowed that people don’t talk on the stigma single mothers go through, how they are being pre judged, and the discrimination they face from most brands.

Defending all single mothers, Anna Banner stated that it isn’t a disease.

“No one talks about the stigma that comes with being a single mom! It’s quite sad. People judge you before meeting you. Being a single mom isn’t a disease my dear.
Single moms also experience discrimination from most brands! Yes! I said it!”.

Anna Banner Ebiere opens up on being suicidal

Last year, Anna Banner opened up on being suicidal at some point in her life.

Opening up in a series of post on Instagram, Anna Banner wrote “For almost 6 years now, i have had sad birthday experiences…it was pretty frustrating but i was advised to always wear a smile to cover up the pain and sadness.

We don’t have it all figured out. I was suicidal at some point in my life, i never knew depression was real until i experienced it. It wasn’t pretty at all. I was ashamed of my body, some decisions i made, i lost my self confidence, i literally lost myself, i screamed silently for help but no one but God could hear me!

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And yes we post beautiful pictures just to feel good sometimes. We post family perfect pictures to but we struggle to sleep at night! Behind the social media doors…I had a beautiful baby girl at 20 (unmarried, young and a school drop out) and 5 years later, i am a graduate. I thought about quitting school so many times….trust me i didn’t care anymore, it was too much for me to handle. mentally i was exhausted, at some point my daughter couldn’t recognise me, she called her GRANDMA MUMMY INSTEAD, i WAS SHATTERED…

My birthday this year is a huge reminder of how i have been able to pull through…i felt like I have been caged for almost 6 years of my life…”.

Anna Banner talks about the discrimination of being a single mom


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