Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Attends Brother’s Wedding To Jed’s Ex


Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown shares pictures from brother Patrick Brown’s Labor Day weekend Col

Former lead of The Bachelorette Hannah Brown showed up for her family and did attend her brother’s wedding to Hayley Stevens. Viewers first met Hannah when she was competing for the heart of Colton Underwood during his season of The Bachelor. Hannah later got the lead for the following season of The Bachelorette. During the airing of her season, news came out regarding her frontrunner, Jed Wyatt—a woman named Hayley Stevens came forward and revealed that she was dating Jed right up to the day he left to film Hannah’s season. As the season went on, the news kept coming from Hayley, revealing that Jed had alluded to going on the show to enhance his music career and he made Hayley believe they would reconcile when he returned from the show.

During the finale in July 2019, Hannah accepted a marriage proposal from Jed but ended things with him shortly after finding out all the Hayley details. As time passed, Jed and Hannah moved on. Hannah took her time finding a match to go all in with. In February 2021, she announced she was dating model Adam Woodward. This new relationship wasn’t the only Brown family relationship reported that month. Hannah’s brother, Patrick, also went official with Hayley (Jed’s ex Hayley, to be exact). When the news of Hannah’s brother’s new relationship came out, she commented about how you don’t have the power to make your family’s decisions for them, but she always reassured that loving her brother came number one for her. Not even a year after announcing their relationship, in December of 2021, Patrick and Hayley got engaged, and questions from the media to Hannah about if she would be attending her brother’s wedding began instantly.

During Labor Day weekend, on September 3rd, Hayley and Patrick said, “I do.” In attendance was all of Patrick’s family, including his sister Hannah. Hannah posted photos from the wedding on her Instagram in a collection of photographs including her brother, parents, and boyfriend, Adam. Hannah, along with the images, wrote the caption, “I‘ve come to realize my life is a never-ending plot twist, but it makes for a damn good (for sure weird) story.” Missing from every image Hannah shared was her brother’s wife, Hayley. Fans commented on the post, sharing their admiration for Hannah showing up in the first place, but some also pointed out that hopefully, one day, Hayley would be in some photos with former Bachelorette Hannah.

The wedding was held in Colorado, and the venue where Hayley and Patrick exchanged nuptials was at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott. In stories shared throughout social media during the reception, fans saw the wedding had a very country theme with close family and friends. The decorations included large standing lights that read “Mr. & Mrs. Brown,” which Hannah included in the photo grid she posted, and a photo with Patrick and Hannah walking past the lights. Fans wonder if this is Hannah calling out her brother’s wife in the only way she’s ready for in her heart.

Hannah will forever stand out as a fan favorite from The Bachelorette leads. Not only is she one of the most talked about leads to take the position, but she is also one to have the most personal growth since her journey began. Starting in Bachelor Nation as the loud blonde with fiery comebacks to now being a voice of reason in the franchise with one-of-a-kind advice to navigate messy family dynamics, all while never losing your love for your family, is something admired by many.


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