Baba Ahmed University School fees for 2023/24 Academic Session


Do you want to know about Baba Ahmed University School Fees? This page is right for you. Baba Ahmed University is a private university established in 2019 and located in Kano state. Baba Ahmed University only offers eleven degree programs in two faculties now.

Baba Ahmed University School fees

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The authority of the school makes the school fees the same in all courses and levels. The below table shows Baba Ahmed University’s school fees for all undergraduate programs offered in the school.

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The school fees schedule has been presented by faculty to the faculty

Faculty of Science and Computing

Courses Tuition fee Semester
Biochemistry N863,500 (2 semesters)
Computer science N863,500 (2 semesters)
Software engineering N863,500 (2 semesters)

Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

Courses Tuition fee Semester
Accounting N863,500 (2 semesters)
Business administration N863,500 (2 semesters)
Economics N863,500 (2 semesters)
Entrepreneurship N863,500 (2 semesters)
International relations N863,500 (2 semesters)
Political science N863,500 (2 semesters)
Public administration N863,500 (2 semesters)
Sociology N863,500 (2 semesters)

Baba Ahmed University Accommodation

Accommodation is not compulsory for students at any level, although those who choose to stay in a hostel are provided with what they can call home away from home facilities. Baba Ahmed University accommodation options are built with the welfare of the students as the top priority. Hostels for one or two people per room have been made available to the students. The number of students sharing and the type of facilities will determine the price. Individual lodging Private accommodation (one person per room) costs N715,412.50 per semester. Shared accommodation (two persons per room) costs N357,706.25 per semester.

Baba Ahmed University Feeding

At Baba Ahmed University, there is no specific amount for feeding; the decision is on the students and their parents to determine what they want for meals and how they want it. However, the university has provided a way for parents and students to control the cost of meals effectively. Students can receive a feeding booklet in exchange for their payment. Click here to read more about the Baba Ahmed University feeding program and how to subscribe.

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Knowing Baba Ahmed University School fees is essential to preparing to study there. As a new university, the school is considered among the cheapest universities in the county.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baba Ahmed University School Fees

Where is Baba Ahmad University located?

Baba Ahmed University is located in Kano state

How do I apply to Baba Ahmed University?

The methods for applying to any of Baba Ahmed University’s programs are essentially the same for all departments and faculties:

  • Find the course you want to do.
  • Apply for the course of your choice.
  • Submit the application online through the school portal.



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