90 Day Fiancé’s Stephanie Matto’s Best Outdoor Pics After Weight Loss


Since leaving 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie Matto has been working out and spending more time outdoors, and her Instagram is evidence of that.

A long list of 90 Day Fiancé alums has shared their weight loss journey, including Stephanie Matto, and she has been sharing some of these updates outdoors. She first appeared on the series alongside Stephanie’s partner at the time, Erika Owens. She has changed a lot about herself since appearing on the show, including the way she looks. Despite struggling with body dysmorphia in the past, Stephanie seems happier than ever with who she is.

The former 90 Day Fiancé star came on the show for the 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 3 along with Erika. Stephanie went to Australia to meet Erika, and their relationship was going smoothly at first; however, it took a turn for the worse and eventually led to their break up. Stephanie has since moved on and is now dating a mystery French man.

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Apart from reality TV, 90DF alum Stephanie also makes money through social media as an influencer. However, Stephanie might be more widely known for selling farts in a jar, fart-scented candles, and farts in a jar NFTs. She was then known as a clout chaser and claimed the title proudly. Nonetheless, Stephanie is more proud of her successful weight loss journey.

Stephanie Matto Is Reconnecting With Herself

In a recent Instagram post, Stephanie shared a video of her looking gorgeous while leaning against a red convertible. She revealed in the video that she decided to take some time away from her social media influence to take in the breathtaking background. According to the caption in the video, the 90DF alum Stephanie, who has long hair, decided to head out west with her boyfriend and eventually ended up in Zion National Park, Utah. A lot of fans seemed to like her idea of a relaxing trip.

Stephanie Matto In Sedona

Stephanie once again showed off her new physique while spending some time in Sedona, Arizona. In this picture, she calls herself a “workaholic,” “sweataholic,” and a “fartaholic.” Stephanie looked stunning with her colorful crocheted sweater with Sedona in full view in the background. A fan commented under the picture calling Sedona amazing and emphasizing how beautiful Stephanie looks. “Sedona is amazing! You look beautiful!!!” the fans wrote.

Stephanie Matto In New Orleans

Now Stephaine found herself in New Orleans on another trip with 90DF Stephanie’s mystery French boyfriend. The 90 Day Fiancé alum wore a beautiful floral pattern dress with white sneakers while walking along the New Orleans lakeside with a sunset behind her. Stephanie seems to be living her best life and rekindling her love for the outdoors with her yet-to-be-revealed boyfriend.


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