2ND FLOOR (slide 1) by Dyk PriNce


2ND FLOOR (slide 1) by Dyk PriNce

The emptiness of the building could even be felt with just the re-vibrating sounds.
The echoes of words could even last longer than the urges of most young adults.
“Anyone there?” The echoes of my words telling me I was alone in that building.
The worst of it all, was the feelings that, there were felt presence in the second floor, as if there were plenty of humans there, but not even one souls walks forth from there.
I stood tied to the toilet sink right above the second floor, waiting for some miracle to help break me free from the big heavy chains that bounded me.
“Help!” I yelled out with the strengths which was gradually fading off and my voice smirking and losing frequency halfway.
How on earth did I even get into this place? I can’t remember coming up here through the stair case, nor did I develop any wings with which I flew to this very abandoned building, neither can I remember being forced by group of muscular men into this very building.
I took a glance at the outside, through the glass walls which stood a bit slide from the toilet sink and I stared below; abandoned building in the midst of a lucrative city, vehicles speeding off and persons walking to their destinations.
“Helppppppp.” But none was coming to my aid, and the more I called out, the more my strengths weakened.
“Hey boy, you’re making noises here, you’re just disturbing the peace of your soon to be neighbors, don’t you know you should be getting to know each one of them instead of creating unpleasant sounds to their hearing.” The dark guy finally walked up to me, above six meters high and had those brown eye balls.
“Help me, I’m tied up here and I can’t lift a finger.”
“Help you?, dear you’re already helped, having the privilege of being in this very building is a very big help any single soul could offer you.”
I simply didn’t understand all of his ranting, and when I took my head up again to see his face, he had disappeared with the echoes of his words.
It was going to be nightfall soon, and I needed to be home, the sun any time now will start chasing the shades of the night clouds and soon it’ll be night and I’m still stuck to this toilet sink since only God knows when.
“Aren’t you tired of struggling room matiee?” The new voice quaked me back into reality, someone else is here “dear stop struggling.”
“Stop struggling you say? I don’t know what I’m doing here, and it would be nicer is you’ll come help me out here please bro.”
“Help you? you’re already helped my dear, besides our room is the best of it all, it has the most beautiful view and the sun rise is it’s first visit place.” He leaped towards me and caressed his lips on mine.
“Your lips tastes better, when you come inside, we’ll have a lot to do, I love your looks though, anyways you aren’t on chains, just be quick to come down stairs.”
As weird as it all seems, a guy kissing a guy, and why on earth would he be calling me his room mate, I can clearly remember that I’m still an aspirant whom will be taking Jamb come 2023.
I jammed together my eye lids as to gather strengths to ward him off,
“Stop all these nonsense and help me out here bro!” I shouted out, as my eyes opened to meet the awakening light rays, he was gone, he had vanished like the other
Where did he go?
“Hey, bro where are you?” My echoes telling me this very place is just empty.
* * *
“Hmmmmfff.” Finally those heavy breathe decided to go down my lungs
Mom must be worried, and my kid sibling too
“Jesus!” My tounge sticked out with my teeth, clutched with dumb words, words seized forth, my eyes widening to the fact of what it just saw. My heart racing it’s way out of my chest and swallowing saliva in gulps
The little kids, stood still watching me.
Am I dreaming, or is this reality; she’s eating his genital part
“Urhhh yummy.” They continued their act without minding if I was there, she drew his scrotal sack out and slotted it into her mouth and bloods kept dripping from between his legs and he stood there morning satisfied to that feeling and acting all sexually erected
“Jesus!” that was the only name my lips could call out

(TBC next week…..Anticipate the last slide)

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