2ND FLOOR (slide 3) by Dyk PriNce


2nd Floor (last slide)

“What on earth was I doing in that building?” I couldn’t control the frustrations in me again, so I leaped and leaned on the wall as the tears decided to flow.
“Is this how I’ll end up dying in this abandoned building in the midst of the night? ” My mind even weak to all that I’ve gone through already.
The red lights had lit the room, amazing all these while I’ve been in a room filled with corpses, their body laid without covers.
The banging on the door quaked me back into motion.
“Run!” I took to my heals again towards the pathway at the end side of the room.
They grumbled and pushed over each other, as they raced towards me. They’ve successful pulled the entrance door down. Having no mercy for the dead bodies, they quacked everything and every corpse down on the quest of getting to me.
I grabbed the door lock at the end side of the red filled light room, switched the locks and pulled the door opened.
The light rays almost got my eyes blind.
“What kind of building is this?” I thought to myself with my sweats pondering my flesh like how mercilessly old women in the village would pound their ‘fufu’
Its night inside the room I ran out from and it’s daylight with the lights burning one’s vision out here I ran towards.
My left fist blocking the light intensity from falling directing on my eyes, while my head lurked around, behind the hands that blocked the light rays.
The more they ran out of the room in pursuit of me, reaching towards the light ray, just a little shine on them, they burn into ashes.
They all grunt and shouted for mercy as they met with the light, each burnt away like flames.
“What’s happening?” My mind skimmed for answers as I stood watching the whole magic creating and recreating itself.
My hands had left the light rays which it protected my eyes from catching a glimpse of or to falling on me, unto my mouth which opened wide apart, my eyes wasn’t any expections too, wide and shocked it stood. Words lingered to call out, but the passage of words seized forth as a result of what my eyes made contact with.
My heart ached and it’s beat was at a faster rate too.
He had Seven folded horns, just as in comparison to that RAM which Abraham offered to God in replacement of Isaac. His eyeballs burning reddish color, and he was dripping blood, and the human’s flesh he held with his right arm, at the same time was dripping blood too.
“Give me back my soul!” The lady who was blood soiled, caught between his left arm begged for her soul, her strengths weren’t strong any longer, she was drastically weak, maybe from injustice I guessed.
“Ah God!”
My breathe seized, my heart raced towards my mouth at the sight of how he spinned the lady’s head hard and on the floor her detached head fell unto.
Then he spoke
“Welcome son, this is the very life you’ve always prayed for,” He turns the lady’s body and extracted blood from her opened neck into the black bowl, “in a plater of Gold I’m offering it to you.”
“What is he talking about, my head was filled with random thoughts on how to escape before i would become the next whose head would fall flat on the floor.
“Are you rejecting my offer son?” He questioned as he took steps towards where I stood,
“what on earth do you think you’re doing in this place. To catch fun, or to create magics by running from cannibals?”
“What did I ask for? What am I doing in this building, and how did I get here?” I finally muttered to him in fear
“Grab his hands!”
The two heavy guards which stood at the door entrance all these while pulled my hands apart, not even a finger could I shake.
He then drew closer, held my mouth wide opened and constantly poured the lady’s blood into my mouth.

All I was able to do was grasped for air, as the blood pumped down my throat in gulps.
“Welcome to the hood son, and when you get home ask your mom who your father is.”
That was the only word I heard last before I slumped to the floor and my vision blurred out.
* * *
The waving of the Celine fan was the first movement my vision gradually recollected as everything cleared out.
On the thought of what I had passed through, I jumped up from the laying position and sat upright.
My whole body soaked up by sweats.
“Ma there’s nothing else we can do, we’ve tried our possible best to revive him, but I’m so sorry he couldn’t make it back alive. He’s dead.” That’s probably the voice of the doctor to the hospital I guessed.
“My own son can’t die this way, try more doctor, I can’t lose my son now!”
Mom’s voice, I clearly recognized it from distant.
The door went opened as the both stood super surprised when they saw me sitting up on the hospital’s bed.
The doctor later did his thing and assumed everything to being a miracle. After we finished up at the hospital and went home, I called mom to a meeting
“Who’s that man with seven folded horns?” I asked
At first she tired acting like she didn’t know who the man was.
“I saw him!”
“You did what? what did he do to you? where did you see him.”
“That means you know him!”
“Did he give you any blood to drink?” My mom out of curiosity asked.
The tears from her eyes became uncontrollable
“He shouldn’t have done so, he shouldn’t. Our agreement was that he wouldn’t get you initiated into that hood.
“What’s all these? I don’t get, who exactly is he?” I asked again
“He’s your father! “
My eyes opened wide to the shocking reply
“And since he had given you that blood to drink, soon you’ll thirst for human bloods, your food taste would be human flesh and you’ll only seek to kill cause from killing, you’ll get to live. But this wasn’t our plans when I got pregnant with you, he promised never to initial you into that hood at that second floor.”
“You know about that second floor?” I asked mom
“Yes, it’s a building bigger than the world, but just spirits lives there, and that very building is located here in Abuja.
“I’m the son to a spirit king, a king with seven folded horns, soon I’ll thirst for blood? questions ran across my head spinning like wheels
Now I understood when the lady spoke to me
“Where ever your soul runs to, we’ll still find you.”
On my way to the market place this very evening, I saw that building again. I couldn’t just focus on the road, cause he smiled at me from the second floor. My seven horns father.
Soon or later, I’ll have to accept my fate and join them in that very building, on that 2nd floor, to join my father and rule my soon to be kingdom


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