2ND FLOOR (slide 2) by Dyk PriNce


2ND FLOOR (slide 2) by Dyk PriNce

“Jesus!” that was the only name my mouth could call out.

Should I purge to the fact that the little kids were eating their own flesh or should I get scared seeing cannibal kids having fun with their own bodies.
If the floor on which I sat, still tied go the toilet sink would open up, not on a second thought; I would want to get swallowed by it.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!” the notification which popped into my cellphone which laid few meters away from me alerted my attention, “that would probably be the time alarm I had set few days ago for my night coaching classes.” I guessed.
When I turned my gaze to where the cannibal kids were, they’ve gone beyond echoes, and the blood drip trace showed they might have gone down to the second floor through the stair case.

It was late already, day light turning to nightfall,lights atmosphere dimming into dark and thick clouds. This very time, the sun had caught held of the night clouds and had gone go rest on the other parts of the world, the night moon would take charge of the atmosphere in no less distant time.

“The time is 9 p.m!” My handset beeped again and the light intesity on the screen showed it was running low of battery percentage too
“Battery low, shut down!” the poor handset finally went off.

The more the time passes by, the more aggressive I become for freedom; only God knows how I would break free from my shackles.
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!” I screamed out in frustrated

“Wait what!”my soul sank in oblivion, sweats running race on my poor innocent skin, goosebumps raising like naija daily news trends. My heart I held in my mouth, not even able to spill words out.
They marched with full audacity and forces, like men going into the battle filed. Soiled up with bloods, wearing torn clothes and their stench was too unbearable. Their teeth gnashing, ready to chew a man’s bone to ash, everyone of them, holding a human body part In their possession.

They marched towards me
“Are zombies real? Do ghosts really exist?
Are they cannibals?” my mind running through random thoughts, as my heart was busy praying its last prayers.
Their gazes, on me and they marched on. They more the closer, the more my heart ponders and it’s sounds seeming to be heard like music player with ear pods

“Stop right there.” The melodious female voice called them all to a halt
When I lifted my eyes go see who it was that stopped them, she was endowed with beauty, great curves and her fair skin complimented her.

“Where are you all going to? to feed on him?” her voice raised again as she took steps towards me. “It’s not partial to feed on his flesh that very way, set him free and let him run, but how far can he run?, cause no matter where his soul runs to, we’ll still find him. Free him and let the case begin.”

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I honestly thought she was going to help me escape, but it seems she had it all planned, that she would be the one to eat my flesh, cause with my eyes counting their abilities, she was the only one fit enough to surpass my running strength, but a chance was valued, it’s a run, or die running

“Unlock him!” She commanded the male who’s head was literally cut open to unlock the heavy chains.

I grabbed my cellphone, and took to my heals, I’m not ready to die in this building I couldn’t tell how on earth I got into it.

“No matter where your soul runs to, we’ll still find you!” the echoes of words was first to come after me, second saw the grunting and gnashing sounds and third was the stampling sounds of the floor, all sending me message to my head. “They are coming.”

That was the very last stair case to run past, how it happened I couldn’t tell, the rate at which the invisible force grabbed my arms and pulled me into the farm room was massive and breathe cutting, my heart aches with fear that I’ve been caught.
As dark it was inside the room, I couldn’t feel any presence at all. I was right in the second floor, j could tell. I searched for my way, trying to see if I hold catch hold of any stuff with my hands waving and seeking directions on air.

“The cellphone.” My mind ran back to the cellphone which I thought I had few minutes ago, but couldn’t find it.
“It might have fallen off when the force pulled me, so it’ll definitely be at the entrance to this room.” I was able to detact that one very fast.

Grabbed together my beating heart, and turned to go get the phone

“Caught ya.”As quick it was, my arms found the cellphone laying on the entrance door, so I grabbed it, but his arms grabbed me

“I got him, I got him, I finally got him!” He’s words alerting the others I was there, I pulled the door and trying to shut it on this arms which I pulled inside as well.

“No, no, no, they simply can’t catch me now, I’m not ready to die.”

The glittering edges of the axe which layer few meters away caught my attention.
Throwing my left arm into the air, and his fist being the one to receive the come down effect of the axe, and blood splashing on my face.

His hands struggling, like it was still attached to it’s body, I stood watching the arms a had axed struggling on the floor.

“Gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam!” Finally they’re all alerted that I was inside that room, they began banging on it. I pulled few strong lockers against the door and held it with the lockers.

I turned to meeting my mouth spilling Jesus and Jesus steady
Her eyes kept staring at me from above, her teeth widely opened, almost did our lips come in contact.

“Jesus!” as I swallowed saliva in gulps as her face glued closer to me

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I began trying to reboot the cellphone which went off when I was at the third floor, but all efforts was counted in vain. The sweat, pondering my flesh too hard thia time

“What on earth am I doing in this building?” I couldn’t control the frustrated me again, so I leaped and leaned on the walls and the tears decided to flow
“Is this how I’ll end up dying in this abandoned building in the midst of the night.” My mind even weak to all that I’ve passed through

The red lights lit the room, amazing all these while I’ve been in a room filled with corpses, their body lay without covers.
The banging on the door quaked me back into motion.

“Run!” I took to my heals again towards the pathway at the end side of the room.

They grumbled and pushed each other, running after me. They successful pulled the entrance door opened. Having no mercy for the dead bodies they quack everything and every corpse down on a quest on getting to me.


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